Sunday, June 22, 2008

If Jorge Gomez does secret file reviews of the asian deputies, then does he protect himself by (then) doing case file reviews of the white deputies?

DSLE management is all about "after the fact," meaning that once their brains are activated, they then decide to go into the wrong's the same with CMS, it's the same with their meal & rest period cluster bombs, and it's the same with anything of importance.
With the blogger, DLSE was very insistent upon payback for losing the lawsuit, so they began looking for anything in hopes of putting some stink on the blogger.  In their infinite wisdom, they came up with case closings.  They decided that despite no performance standards and no priorities, they evaluated the blogger as "needs improvement" with regards to case closings.  In response, the blogger closed 140 cases in April and 103 cases in May.
This infuriated management, because this was not the desired response.  How dare the blogger improve performance once management, bullshit or not, communicated it.  Management was now desperate to find anything, so management conducted secret case file reviews of the blogger.  This time, they were finally hoping to finally find something worthy enough to dispatch the blogger.
Unfortunately (again), there was nothing to be found.  Of course the files weren't perfect, but when a state employee is assigned almost 2,000 cases in just over two years by managers with no standards, no policies, no procedures, no regulations, and no priorities, perfection is unattainable.
But now the cat's outta the bag, and the blogger wants to know why secret case file reviews were ordered, so Jorge Gomez responds by secretly reviewing case files of another deputy.  According to that dumbshit Gomez, there is no harassment or discrimination because it was his plan (all along) to conduct secret case file reviews, and it's just a coincidence that in all of Gomez's years that he started this secret case file review in 2008, it's just a coincidence that Gomez started with the blogger, and it's just a coincidence that Gomez used the very same harassment technique to get rid of Mary  Tokar in 2007 (but not secret--he put her on Counter Duty after he reviewed her files).
So let's re-cap: the blogger's survived all of their harassment, all of their discrimination, and all of their retaliation.  That sonofabitch blogger is still breathing DLSE air, and they've played their last card.  So unless that dumb blogger starts walking around the halls naked, they might want to use their time in drafting a policies & procedures manual (PPM), they might want to rank their list of priorities, and they might want to start looking at their own ineptitude before hunting down a deputy that's assigned almost 2,000 cases...and working them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Reading your blog reminds me of DLSR. DLSR management David Aroner (former Chief) (David illegally hired a nearby Vietnamese restaurant female student assistant with intent to solicit sex), Maria Robbins and the DIRt Legal unit illegally went through my friend Erik Bjorn's computer with assistance from Jim Culbeaux. They planted political information on his computer and forced Erik out. They then went after his friend Kostas Dimmoyannis a Union Steward and accused him as they accuse CL of under-performing. Again with help from Jim Culbeaux they stole Kostas's personal diary. The entries in the diary were in Greek so they used taxpayer money to hire a couple of students at UC Berkeley to translate Kostas' personal diary in the hopes of finding something to get Kostas.

Lesson learned: DIRt Legal Unit will do everything illegal- that's why they don't touch Jim Culbeaux, who is named on this blog, a lot, because he helps the Legal Unit illegally spy on everyone.

It does not matter how much Jim Culbeaux fails on projects - CMS - and dumps taxpayers money down the toilet.

6/22/2008 9:51 AM  
Anonymous public defender said...

Yeah, I know that guy Kostas; the DIRt Legal unit did not like him because he testified and blew the whistle at Senate hearings in Sacramento against DIRt; just like you are doing CL. The DLSR management under orders from DIRt Legal harassed Kostas they accused him of incompetence they reviewed Kostas' work and accused him of not properly capitalizing words and that this was having a major impact on wage publications. Kostas took his case to the CSEA who were actually working with DIRt management. Kostas was eventually fired by DIRt. Too bad he did not have a good attorney.

6/22/2008 9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Culbeaux is a thief and a scum-bag. JIM CULBEAUX BELONGS IN JAIL.

6/22/2008 10:25 PM  

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