Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sac Bee article about California's Dept. of Corrections (CDC): from blowing whistle to calling the shots (click this title to hyperlink)

By Andy Furillo, "...When Richard Krupp refused to fudge the numbers on sick leave and overtime costs, he found himself shuffled off by management into a nothing job in a nothing corner of the state prison system. In 1999, Krupp found himself in the middle of a conflict between his correctional bosses and the California state auditor that derailed his career. Next thing Krupp knew, he was taken off the response project, removed from his job as the personnel automation boss and reassigned to the research bureau with a new title: staff services manager II. His new job: reviewing student requests to interview inmates. Cal Terhune was the corrections director at the time Krupp was moved into his obscure post. Terhune denied that the department retaliated against Krupp. 'I was trying to get the guy promoted,' he said. Krupp was awarded $500,000 in October 2004 when the state agreed to settle his whistle-blower retaliation lawsuit and other legal claims..."
Blogger comment: how this relates to DLSE. The typical employee, when faced with the decision to speak up or remain silent, chooses the later for fear of reprisial. In a system that is currently broken, those who seek to repair it should be commended for their action. To see someone who is more concerned with doing what's right put into a top job rather then the self aggrandizing boobs that have been the darlings of the department for so long is an action long overdue. An observation I made many years ago about management was that no one left their job until they found someone dumber than they were to take their place...that way the newbie wouldn't be able to tell how bad they were at it. In recent years it had become nearly impossible to find the next lower level of dummy for these jobs.


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