Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last Tuesday, the Orange County Superior Court was so full that criminal trials had to wait for a courtroom and there were jurors everywhere

You know what OD-Legal was doing? Busy missing the point of this trial. They're explaining to the judge what (they think) my motive is, but's it's quite sad that they've steered clear of their method (the how) and their motive (the why). The DIR's Office of the Director-Legal Unit clogged up Orange County Superior Court with this theory and that theory, except for the explanation of why Lupe Almaraz demanded my private diaries and for the identities of confidential sources. It's deliberate that they have steadfastly refused to testify as to why they demanded private diaries and the identities of confidential sources. I think their answers would only beg more questions.
By now those talking monkeys should call it Office of the Acting Director-Legal Unit, because they don't have the grapes to put DIR narcissist John Rea in front of the senate confirmation hearings-he's only been "acting" for over 2 years.
"We don't give a sh*t about the senate confirmation rules and process because we're busy using up all of our resources in fighting the blogger. We don't give a flying fcuk about the taxpayer-paid million dollar disaster called CMS because that blogger keeps typing. We have no idea what we're doing, so we're gonna waste as much time as we can at the trial, introduce irrelevant evidence and even toss in some exhibits that were crafted AFTER the start of the trial. We're really stoopid state lawyers and have no clue in how to litigate in a real court, but we can't go on record with that argument. Please let us bring the blogger back to our internal kangaroo court so we can get rid of him."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to forget that you are in court because YOU sued them, not the other way around. It was YOUR choice to clog up the courts with YOUR issues - not their choice.

6/26/2007 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to the last post, it was the blogger's choice to go to court to prevent Jonsey and his henchmen at OD-Legal from violating the blogger's First Amendment rights. See, the blogger went to court to prevent Jonsey and his OD-Legal swashbucklers from using an internal investigation to force the blogger to reveal confidential sources or face termination. Doesn't sound to me like the blogger had much choice--either file his lawsuit or get f'ed by Jonesy and his merry band of swashbucklers, who love to use the kangaroo court processes of an internal investigation to run roughshod over DLSE employee rights. Blaming the blogger for clogging the courts with this lawsuit is much like blaming a murder victim with clogging the criminal courts when the defendant goes on trial, or like blaming a worker who doesn't get paid the minimum wage for clogging the courts with a lawsuit against his employer. You really need to buy a clue.

6/26/2007 5:19 PM  

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