Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CMS, DLSE's screw-the-taxpayer software program, ownership change from Hansen to whoever bought out Hansen? WTF?

From what I've been told, Hansen has been bought out by some other company. Hansen, if you remember, is the company that gave us CMS, the multi-million dollar disaster that still can't work. CMS will soon approach its 2-year anniversary of impotency, but I'm sure that the players who made the money off the backs of the taxpayers are laughing themselves to the bank.
Thanks to newly-promoted LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, Deputy Chief Cheerleader Lupe Almaraz, and a host of other jackasses that brought CMS to the public's door, we are now stuck with this POS (piece of sh*t) that does nothing more than crank out a minor's entertainment work permit is less than 30 minutes (when it previously took less than 4 minutes).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a direct quote from the intro of this blog site

The opinions here are the authors and should not be read by anyone, including the author.

So now I know here the insanity of this confusion starts!

6/29/2007 1:15 PM  

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