Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogger v. Lupe Almaraz trial has 9am-12pm on 6/19 and 9am-12pm on 6/26 to conclude, then closing arguments will be written and submitted

After this trial is over, details will follow. Lilia Ramirez, Susan Nakagama, Maria Juarez-Aceves, Victor Jurado, Lauro Cons were present and expected to testify. Greg Rupp, King Cheung, Abigael Calva, and Reynaldo Rivera finished with their testimony. Diana Chen is almost done...resumes on Tuesday morning, June 19th. So far, I haven't seen the relevance between their testimony and Lupe Almaraz's demand to investigate my private diaries and his demand for me to identify my confidential sources.
For me, the currently-imposed injunction's a very narrow and simple issue: was Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner Lupe Almaraz, as an agent of the state, legally authorized to order me to identify my confidential sources and legally authorized to demand my private journals (absent medical & financial information)?


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