Friday, June 01, 2007

Even the office secretary knew that the Spanish speakers were getting effed by a hearing officer. Click to view full version of ass-coverage memo

Ivette, a former clerk in the Santa Ana wage claim office, slaved for a certain hearing officer. This hearing officer had a knack for collating Spaniah-speaking hearings, coincidentally, during the time of her translator/friend who used Spring, Summer, & Christmas breaks to moonlight (she's a teacher...that's why she can only work when school isn't in session). The command staff has known about this for years, but they sit on their asses and let the Spanish speaking wage claimants get delayed. At least the clerk was smart enough to bust out a cover-your-ass email.
Robert Jones doesn't do sh*t about this actual disruption to public service because he's only after one thing: the blogger for reporting such dirty laundry. What Robert Jones does not comprehend is that the act itself (screwing over the Spanish wage claimant with unnecessary delays) causes the disruption to public service, not the idiot blogger who reports it.


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