Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victoria Bradshaw's newest lapdog, newly promoted LWDA Deputy Secretary Robert Jones, still giving staff the Santa Ana DLSE safety barrier hand job

How in the hell did Robert Jones get promoted to LWDA Deputy Secretary? This monkey couldn't find his way around a proper meal & rest period wage interpretation, and Victoria Bradshaw takes a collective dump on the working Californian by moving him up the bureaucratic/political appointment ladder from Acting Labor Commissioner to LWDA Deputy Secretary?
Well, he's long on (pathetic) excuses and short on results, but I guess that's what Victoria Bradshaw looks for in a resume...maybe that's why John Rea has been her lackey (Acting Director-Dept. of Industrial Retaliation) for so long. The top do-nothings (Victoria Bradshaw, Robert Jones, and John Rea) still cannot deliver a safety barrier to the Santa Ana office. How much do you want to bet that their lazy asses are behind a safety barrier? Let them eat cake.
On a side note, it's sorta nice to see John Rea get punked out like some prison wife when Vicky Bradshaw announced Robert Jones' promotion to LWDA Deputy Secretary. By my math, LWDA Deputy Secretary out-ranks some lame-ass Acting Director of DIR who doesn't have the grapes to go before the senate. Oh wait, that's what Jones did when he was Acting Labor Commissioner. The two deserve each other, but the people of California don't deserve either of them.


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