Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The trial is now OVER: written closing arguments, rebuttals, then the judge's decision.

The lawyers at OD-Legal Unit certainly took their sweet-ass time in delays, running out the clock, and introducing a sh*tload of irrelevant evidence. They never missed an opportunity to beat their dead horse that the judge (repeatedly told them that she) didn't want to hear. They truly acted as if they were in a State Personnel Board hearing, where the rules don't apply to them. Unfortunately for them, they had to make their case in a real court of law, where rules apply.
What was really interesting was that Greg Rupp, if I recall correctly, testified that he didn't investigate any of the concerns raised in the blog...he just investigated the blogger. That's nice.
Never mind the multi-million dollar fcuk-up called CMS,
never mind Victor Jurado boozing it up with subordinates,
never mind Victor Jurado using a state-issued parking card for his own free private parking,
never mind Vicki Tamoush hookin' up her translator/friend with tons of contract work,
never mind all of the attorney complaints made against Vicki Tamoush,
never mind that bullshit called the DLC III exam results,
never mind the bullshit called the DLC IV exam results,
never mind the DLSE's whitewash of a US mail-disposal investigation,
never mind the thousands of dollars spent fcuking with that idiot blogger,
never mind Greg Rupp's jerk-off blogger complaint-solicitation investigation via Lee Pearson,
never mind Greg Rupp's blackballing of Bruce Broadwater,
never mind the worker's comp retaliation investigation whitewash involving Susan Nakagama & Lauro Cons,
never mind Robert Jones' promotion to LWDA Deputy Secretary after destroying the career of Miles Locker,
never mind Robert Jones' inability to correctly label meal & rest periods as wages (and then this idiot gets promoted? WTF?),
never mind how an ass-monkey like Greg Rupp continues to remain on state payroll,
and never mind that these assholes can do whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want.
If you believe Asst. Chief Rupp, none of this matters, just the elimination of the blogger; according to Rupp's actions (or inaction), this is exactly the customer service that the taxpayer deserves. Oh yeah, no one had to testify except management witnesses Greg Rupp, Lupe Almaraz, Reynaldo Rivera, King Cheung, Diana Chen, Abigael Calva, & Maria Juarez-Aceves. You're not going to be notified from that pea-brain Rupp; you probably heard it here first. Oh yeah, I wish that I could attend Michael Medrano's retirement luncheon tomorrow. He's one of the good guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations blogger boy, for putting up the fight, for us. In my experience DIR has just hired a shit load of attorneys who would never survive in the real world. So what do they do? Come to DIR and think they are somebody, until they meet blogger boy. Then they think they are dealing with a SPB hearing, so they start bringing in irrelevant information, and start the delay game. Just what you may expect from a bunch of low-life attorneys.

Keep up the Noble Fight blogger boy.

6/29/2007 6:33 AM  

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