Friday, June 29, 2007

How stupid are OD-Legal attorneys Richard Munoz & Steve McGinty?

They are so stupid, they actually believed that they were going to be allowed to parade all of their witnesses in front of the judge. When the judge told them no, they had to totally re-vamp their witch hunt. Everybody else 'got it' except McGinty and Munoz, but then again, McGinty & Munoz take their directions from a bigger idiot, Robert Jones.
While Munoz and McGinty have probably made a career out of brown-nosing and boot-licking, no amount of ass-kissing will compensate for a lack of intelligence, and this is where their game plan fails. Being as dumb as they are/were/will be, they couldn't (even) figure out the question, so their answers were doomed. I'm prepared to lose this case against Lupe Almaraz demanding to see my diaries and the identities of my confidential sources, but then I'll appeal it. I believe in this case, and I believe that Lupe f*cked up and abused his color of authority. His idiot lawyers thought that parading a bunch of people thru the trial was a winning nexus to Lupe violating the US Constitution.
I'm sure that DLSE Regional Manager and Statewide Idiot Susan Nakagama will send an email to Greg Rupp, complaining that this pic is sexist, as girls are excluded. She'll also complain that this pic advocates (though she won't use that word because it's outside her vocabulary) the use of violence because of the whole 'rock' thing. For all who read this, please do not pick up rocks and throw them at stoopid people: just point, laugh, and openly mock their stupidity.
Just remember, Susan Nakagama got booted from the Bureau of Field Enforcement and given a do-nothing job-she didn't ask for it, and it wasn't a promotion. She's keeping the same title and making the same money until she retires. It keeps her from filing a lawsuit against the DLSE...there are no concrete damages she can claim.


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