Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet blind? Why does she let her managers throw darts on the wall while Corrales kicks her in the ass???

Does Angela Bradstreet have the slightest clue how to fix Corrales?  Every manager throwing darts at the wall, i.e., DOING NOTHING, can start holding hearings and conferences to reduce the backlog highlighted in the Corrales decision that blamed Bradstreet.
If nothing else, it will get the slow and the stupid managers to retire early.  The last time they did a cattle call, where all managers & lawyers were tasked with holding hearings, Regional Manager Susan Nakagama called in sick for ALL THREE DAYS!  As an example, that dumb moron (Nakagama) is extremely afraid of holding hearings and of speaking/deciding on the record.  If you want her to retire, you have her hold hearings until she either retires or Corrales is fixed.  Same thing with Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva, Lauro Cons, and Eric Rood.
None of these managers do anything with their workday, but you can't fire them because of civil service rules, so instead, you just make them earn their paycheck.  The managers still get paid/collect benefits, the kick-in-the-nuts Corrales decision gets fixed, and those that don't want to hold hearings will go away...I don't see a downside to this solution.  All the deadwood floats away, the public gets served in a timely manner, and you have state workers earning their wage: 8 hours work for 8 hours pay.
If Labor Commissioner Bradstreet cannot bring conferences & hearings under control using this solution, then she is a co-conspirator in defrauding the public from its general funds by allowing state management to do nothing yet collect very high wages.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bradstreet confirmed, poor blogger boy

5/16/2008 6:18 AM  
Blogger Beatriz said...

How Ironic is life, I was looking on the Internet for the mail address of Abigail Calva to mail to her a the letter that I just mailed to President Bush after I was mistreated by my ex employeer and a Labor Comissioner during my hearing and for my surprised I found this interesting web site. This is a letter I mailed to the President:

Dear President George W. Bush ,

Thank you for the invitation to the yearly presidential dinner honoring the recipients of the NRCCS Congressional Medal of Distinction. I must respectfully decline but nor I or my family will be attending nor any of my friends who are prominent business owners in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. We will not be participating this year because they choose to support me in protest regarding the unjust treatment I received in my case with the Labor Commission Department. I was threatened by the Deputy handling my case (Mrs. Maria Vitale) who mistreated me and flagrantly lied about my case when asked by others investigating my complaint. I wrote several letters to different people pleading to be rightfully heard. I finally received results by which no one asked me any questions. My only proof of misconduct was the courtroom tape and that has ironically been deemed having a “microphone malfunction”. I cannot support any form of government that will tolerate such obvious injustice.

Three Hundred or Five Hundred Thousand Dollars I know that it is a ridiculous amount of money but I am quite certain that the money can be raised and that the cancellation of some tables won’t be missed. I believe the party won’t suffer over a few cancelled reservations. I hope that in light of my experience someone will take some action to make the process better for others to have a better judicial system for all citizens, to be unbiased and truly for the people. Lady Justice is blind-folded because she is supposed to be unbiased and impartial so that plaintiffs and defendants can equally be heard and verdicts can be handed down with a swift and impartial hand.

Something I learned while I was a Journalist and News Anchor is that a real investigation has to show both sides of the story and the facts have to be checked otherwise it is nothing more than gossip and hearsay and this has no place in journalism and certainly not in the justice system.


Beatriz Uribe Glanz

5/17/2008 3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit that Abby Calva buried a citizen to protect one of her ass-kissing suck ups.

Beatriz, it's too bad you cannot find an attorney and sue abby Calva personally, then depose her and ask about her promotion(s) and her relationship with (then) Labor Commissioner Lloyd Aubrey. Supposedly, he moved on to Vanessa Holton, who still works for this Department.

They key to going after Abby is to first depose Lloyd Aubrey, then once you're ready for Abby, make sure her husband gets a copy. He's a dentist from USC...he has a different name than Calva. Best of luck if you can do this, sounds like Calva & Company made the recording "disappear."

5/17/2008 6:56 PM  

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