Friday, September 29, 2006

Why is San Bernadino DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson driving to Los Angeles to ask questions about the blogger without a DLSE-issued tape recorder???

So San Bernadino DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson drives to Los Angeles to ask some employees about the blogger, but more importantly, why is he doing this without his tape recorder? When the DLSE's Civil Rights Office conducts an investigation, they bring their tape recorder. When wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones and DIR Staff Attorney Anthony Mischel conducted their slipshod investigation against a fellow attorney, they brought their tape recorder. When DLSE supervisory peace officer Lauro Cons conducted his negligent investigation against a fellow Deputy Labor Commissioner, he brought his tape recorder. Something smells really fishy; it smells like the DLSE wants to cover their ass by saying they did an investigation without really doing an investigation...welcome to Labor Standards.
Q: Why is DLSE peace officer Lee Pearson conducting his investigation without his tape recorder?
Q: Will it be easier for the DLSE to whitewash his investigation because there's no evidence of what was truly said to Lee Pearson? Will it be easier for the DLSE to control & direct the investigation's outcome without so many bothersome "facts" getting in the way?
Q: Will the DLSE spin doctors merely rely upon Lee Pearson's hand-written notes, notes that cannot possibly capture all of the investigatory details like a tape recorder can?
Q: Why is peace officer Lee Pearson asking questions about the blogger, especially after DLSE's courtroom loss on this issue? Who is pulling Lee Pearson's puppet strings and why?
Q: Why is the DLSE using state time, state equipment, and state resources in conducting this half-ass investigation? DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz has already been individually named in that blog/blogger lawsuit that's been approved for trial; will Lee Pearson be next?
FRAUD, WASTE, or ABUSE? It's too bad that the DLSE cannot treat their own like the way they want others to be treated; I would have thought the managers learned this lesson in grade school.


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