Monday, September 18, 2006

Why can't Regional Manager Susan Nakagama and Peace Officer/Supervisor Lauro Cons stop retaliating against one of their own?

Do you know how bad it sucks to work for Lauro Cons and Susan Nakagama? It sucks so bad, that (not even) Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz can stop them, and those two are under his chain of command. Since wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones and other managers read this blog, then maybe they can keep reading...and act accordingly.
According to inside sources: Susanna Lowpezz (not real last name) was recently promoted to Deputy Labor Commissioner I and against Susan Nakagama's wishes. The fly in the ointment for Susan was that Susanna rec'd a ranking of #1 on the DLC I promotion list. Not only that, but Lupe either "assisted" in Susanna's preparation (allegedly) or overruled Susan's decision. Another problem Susan Nakagama had was that Susanna previously filed a workers compensation claim for work-related injuries; injuries that required surgery. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Susan retaliated against Susanna, then a case could be made against Nakagama violating Section 132(a) of the California Labor Code...once again, labor standards has no labor standards, but I digress. Susan Nakagama is known for erasing her fingerprints, as she previously testified to issuing memos that she signed but never designed (see blog entry dated August 8, 2006). So what happens? Her top-lackey, yes-man Lauro Cons does all of the work for her.
Once promoted to Deputy Labor Commissioner I, Susanna's placed on a 12-month probation with 3 evaluations: a 4-month, an 8-month, and a final 12-month. Well, in keeping with DLSE's policy of retaliation, incompetence, and inefficiency, Lauro Cons gives her the worst 8-month performance evaluation she's ever received. What's really horrible is that Lauro Cons completely missed his 4-month evaluation of her. This guy's also a peace officer? This guy carries a gun? He needs to carry a dictionary (Lauro's the worst speller in DLSE history, but I digress). My question is this: if she ranked #1 on the promotion list yet rec'd a horrible evaluation from Lauro, what are we to believe? Does she know her stuff or not? If she was so incompetent, then why was she given the responsible charge of training Minerva Hernandez? Is Susan Nakagama in the habit of having incompetent state employees train other employees in her favor?
This isn't the first time a probationary evaluation got screwed up with Susan Nakagama managing. David Egawa was a former DLC I, and she failed to properly supervise King Cheung when he missed giving David his 4-month, but he got the same treatment: they eventually screwed him on the 8-month, and then he was out the door. I also know of another DLC I that filed a workers compensation claim for injuries, and she's currently being retaliated against: her name? Harmida Koral (name changed).
Lupe, Robert, Vicky: whichever talking heads want to go on record for having read this: why don't you try and conduct a real investigation into the actions of Regional Manager Susan Nakagama and Supervisory Peace Officer Lauro Cons and see if those actions fit the guidelines of what's needed for a Labor Code Section 132(a) violation. Try cleaning up something internally before it goes outsides the DLSE walls, because you all know what happens when you go into a court that you cannot control. Susanna is a good employee who knows her job and she spells better than Lauro! If you choose not to help her, then go back to burying your heads in the sand, leave the department & retire, or continue to allow this sub-standard conduct. Great job on making the department better than how you got it, Lupe. I'll close with the following quotation; try to follow the bouncing ball.
"In order for evil to triumph, it's only necessary for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried extreme public humiliation? Instead of belly aching separately and anonymously, pitch in collectively with legal fund dollars then appropriately develop the leads to uncover the illegalities SN has undoubtedly committed. Hire the best PIs your dollars will buy. Start with the accusations of fraud, perjury, et al, you have already documented in these blogs. Despite being experienced investigators you don't seem to act with any reasonable purpose, have you?

3/18/2008 12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman's married name is "Payne". Based on good intuition and observations of similar profiles of like persons of her culture and generation, I suspect a history originating in the cities of Gardena, San Pedro, terminal island, et al. Start from there. Someone can donate a lunch hour and go look up city records in those or surrounding areas. Where she originated is just the starting point to research her entire history to district manager from ofc. tech (that stinks like rotten fish to high heaven). When there is a rogue manager that just won't go away then, if that's eroding trust and integrity of a state government entity, take constructive steps with direct / indirect, probative evidence to support a righteous outing of your claims before the perpetrator fades into retirement. Because if you don't, its chosen successor may perpetuate your present misery. Come on get off you hands; help make the ofc. an elite place to work. When you've got enough facts then it's time to hand it over to private pro's and/or the DOJ.

3/18/2008 12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folsom would be a good mandatory retirement home for corrupt public officials. A public law mandating state prison time for betrayal of public trust would be a good initiative.

3/20/2008 10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is David Egawa. The above blog concerning yours truly is false. I have tried to get the blogger to remove the false information but without success. I am a private person - Very nicely, I am requesting the blogger to take my name off his blog.

12/20/2008 7:40 PM  
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