Friday, September 15, 2006

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: The DLSE does it again, and again, and again.

The blogger told the DLSE to settle this months ago, and the DLSE's arrogance & stupidity got in the way. The more they continue their wicked ways, the more information this blog will report. You know what really pissed off the judges? The fact that they tried to interrogate the blogger without the blogger's attorney being present. Both judges commented on Office of the Director Staff Attorney Richard Munoz & Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz's decision to force an interrogation without legal representation being present. The sad fact is that Richard Munoz & Lupe Almaraz knew the blogger's attorney had another court appearance, and both thought they were above the law. Well, the DLSE got spanked on that issue, and then they got spanked again when the judge ruled that the Preliminary Injunction against the DLSE stays. Those bozos tried to get the injunction tossed, and the judge threw it out..."the Court overruled the Demurrer for failure to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, as the complaint adequately alleges a claim against Almaraz in his personal capacity."
Gee, it's almost like Anthony Mischel is setting up Richard Munoz for this fall so that none of this stink will stick to Anthony Mischel, but that's giving Anthony Mischel too much credit for contemplating a tactic that only a sage would consider employing. Besides, Anthony Mischel will have enough problems with the legal stink that he's about to receive on September 25th, courtesy of Miles Locker's attorney.
How much money will the DLSE continue to spend on trying to destroy the First Amendment of the US Constitution? When will they start doing their jobs and start to work for the people of know, the job they are paid to do? When will Vicky Bradshaw get off her lazy ass and take charge of these renegades that are destroying this division? Yeah, they can fight stuff like this all day and all night when it's the taxpayer's money. Government is accountable to the people they serve, but somehow their actions seem to be accountable to no one.


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