Saturday, June 20, 2009

Latest from DIRt-Davenport's phone testimony, DLSE's CRO says that Broadwater & Jackson were secretly placed under surveillance...

1) Brian Davenport is allowed to testify at Blogger's termination appeal hearing by phone. This was decided after the June 10th blog entry highlighting DIRt's fraud, waste, & abuse by flying Davenport from Missouri to California at taxpayer expense. I cannot wait for my attorney to ask the who, what, where, when, & why this was decided AFTER the blogger's report of such fraud, waste & abuse. These fiscal morons sealed up my argument that the blog is worthy of reporting such fiduciary malfeasance. Thank you, Vanessa Bolt-ons, Toni Michelle, Steve McSquinty, and Angela Badstreet for confirming what will soon be a matter of public record.
2) Back in 2006/2007 when the DLSE morons sent DLSE police officer Lee Pearson to drum up dirt on the blogger and to solicit complaints, they also wanted to know who befriended the Blogger. It turns out that Lee Pearson's filtered/whitewashed report forgot to mention those acquired details when they turned this report over to the Blogger during the victorious civil lawsuit. DLSE secretly placed Jackson & Broadwater under surveillance in hopes of retaliating against those two as well. It took a couple years, but they finally found a reason to put Jackson on the beach for two weeks (unpaid suspension).
Unfortunately for the DLSE, they had to explain to their own CRO (Civil Rights Office) how & why they came about surveilling Jackson's emails. Since when is being a friend of the Blogger a justification to use money from the taxpayer's General Fund to place innocent state employees on surveillance? Now some of you idiots will say that no money was spent surveilling the computer accounts of Broadwater & Jackson, but I will tell you that the DLSE used taxpayer money to pay the wages for other state employees to monitor & report said surveillance, then more wages to other state employees to take action on said intelligence (surveillance reports).
At the end of the day, the DLSE paid a lot of wages to conduct secret, unjustified, and warrantless searches of innocent state employees. Their only crime was eating lunch with the Blogger, and for that, Jackson got two weeks on the beach. That coward called DLSE Supervisor Jorge Gomez did nothing to halt such illegal tactics-paid by the taxpayer, of course-because DLSE does nothing but waste taxpayer funds on trying to get rid of employees they don't like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be forewarned. DIRt CRO is there to protect DIRt managers so that DIRt can begin their paper shredding and cover-up when CRO informs them of a complaint. Also DIRt will say in court that the CRO looked at the case first and denied it. Its a sham. In fact anyone that goes to DIRt's CRO is subject to even greater retaliation.

6/26/2009 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dlse mgrs make keystone cops look like scotland yard, go blogger!

6/27/2009 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continued State time spent investigating the blogger=frivolous waste of taxpayer money.

In this era of economic turmoil & furloughs, the public is already losing services provided by the employees of this agency.

This time (money) would be better spent performing the mission of the agency...does anyone remember what it is?

6/27/2009 12:58 PM  
Anonymous POLICE said...

"Here the message must be sent that Mr. Madoff's crimes were extraordinarily evil and that this kind of manipulation of the system is not just a bloodless crime that takes place on paper, but one instead that takes a staggering toll"

But, HEY! The "MANAGERS" and "SUPERVISORS" at DIRt are WORST than Madoff, BUT THEY MANAGE TO GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. The IT Depratment at DIRt is one big SCAM. and... beside you losers at DIRt, FUCK ARNOLD the Muscle Brain TOO.

6/29/2009 10:50 PM  
Anonymous He Also said...

Jim Culbeaux the criminal will get a telephone pole up his a-se when the Attorney General finds out about the Ponzi schemes he's been running out of DIRt. Payroll, overtime and travel expense fraud. Contractor kickbacks (such as Compucom )for hiring his family members (such as Michael Baker, Jim Culbeaux's nephew) in exchange for millions of dollars in DOSH contracts to Compucom.

6/29/2009 10:57 PM  
Anonymous They all said...

Jim Culbeaux and his sister continue to rob the State of California. And muscle brain (Arnold Schwarzenegger) furloughs us to keep such scum on the public payroll so that they continue to drain the never-ending public trough.

6/29/2009 10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you know where the Muscle brain Schwarznegger is squandering the taxpayer money -- on hiring more attorneys to slap on diapers on managements butts everytime they have an explosion.

6/30/2009 11:35 PM  
Anonymous Arse-man Dean said...

By the way don't be too surprised if you see Jim Culbeaux whole retarded family here at DIRt.

Jim son Maxim is being groomed for DIRt CIO and his wife Anya Axelrod already for the AGPA but did not after several persons blew the whistle.

6/30/2009 11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Culbeaux wife Anya Axelrod work for Charles Schwab as manager she cheat client like Jim. Very dishonest people.

7/01/2009 5:49 PM  
Anonymous Cuck_poo said...

Jim ( James ) Culbeaux and his sister Christine Baker are thieves, they rob the State of California then funnel part of the money into the campaigns of politicians in exchange for promises to not be investigated.

Former Senator Don Perata who is neighbors with Jim and Christine in the Oakland Hills was also duped.

7/01/2009 8:53 PM  
Anonymous She-Male Dean said...

Jim Culbeaux's son Max is a retard he'll fit in perfectly at DIRt.

7/03/2009 12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the article in the 7/4/09 L.A. Times about Scott Kernan, #2 administrator of the State's Prison System? On 6/7/09, he received a DUI while driving his state vehicle- a CRIMINAL offense in addition to conduct unbecoming a peace officer. He is getting 6 weeks off without pay, retroactive to his arrest date. He's also a Schwarzenegger appointee.

How much time did DIRt punish the blogger with a couple of years ago?? Wasn't it 3 MONTHS off without pay?

Isn't it odd that a HIGH RANKING, GOVERNOR APPOINTED PEACE OFFICER only gets SIX WEEKS, while the blogger, a Rank & File employee who received complaints in the course of his job duties (enforcing the labor laws) from those cited with MULTIPLE Labor Code violations, received THREE MONTHS OFF WITHOUT PAY?? How is this right?

We all know that DIRt management hates the blogger because he brought the fraud, waste and abuse of this agency to light. They need to be stopped!

7/04/2009 10:53 AM  
Anonymous Well-endowed Dick with KY Jelly Ready for Jim Culbeaux said...

It's the fu+ked up judicial system we have in this country. Punish the whistleblowers. Look at what Bush's AJ Alberto Gonzalez did to the whistleblower attorneys -- he fired them.

7/05/2009 12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone please post Vanessa Holton DIRt sex emails with Lloyd Aubry. We wanna know how she got promoted Chief Counsel. She bypass all promotional exams.

7/05/2009 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does THREE furlough days a month sound to everyone at the DIR?

Meanwhile, DIRt management are devoting as much time and state resources (i.e. MONEY) as it takes to try to keep the blogger fired! Nice use of resources, isn't it?

The DIRt attorneys might be third rate, but shouldn't they be more concerned with resolving labor issues that have a direct impact on the people of the State? Shouldn't they be going after employers who don't pay overtime, don't carry workers' compensation insurance or comply with the other labor laws this agency is tasked to enforce?

Instead, DIRt management has allocated THREE attorneys to try lynch the blogger. But THREE DIRt lawyers put together probably don't equal ONE private attorney!

7/10/2009 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence that DIRt attorneys are how they are. DIRt attorneys are the losers in the pack and scored at the bottom in their classes making them the prime candidates for DIRt. They would not make it in private industry for too long. Look at the Chief Counsel Vanessa Holton, she has to do a Monica Lewinski on the DIRt Director to get the job.

7/10/2009 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dean Fryer got DIRt Deputy Director position because of anal and oral adventures with former LWDA Under Secretary Rick Rice.

7/11/2009 11:14 PM  
Anonymous Karl Humbarger said...

OK, anonymous guys and gals of the DLSE, I beg your forbearance. This is what I wrote to DIR(T) very recently:
“Dear Director (apparently Davenport);
First of all I want to make it clear that I have no monetary stake in the outcome of this DLSE Claim 12-65443-LK. I accepted the $3,757.89 ODA decision from the defendant and I did not appeal it to the California Superior Court, as was my option.
Three years since the filing of this complaint had taken its toll on me. I will chronicle in this letter the relevant parts of my experience at the commission that pertain exclusively to the primary objective and goal of this correspondence: the outing of a corrupt hearing officer at the DLSE. My appeal to you is based on the assumption that you are an honest person who cares for and respects the California Labor Laws and our basic rights to due process. These were grossly violated at this hearing and with this ODA decision and are therefore at the foundation of my appeal.”
This is a case that is very obvious that if any honest person who reviewed the evidence, not necessarily a labor expert, would have to conclude that this hearing officer completely reinvented perjured testimony by my x-employer. And this DLSE manager Mauldin, who was assigned to review my allegations, whitewashed this evidence, as I claimed, without apparently reviewing any of the evidence.
I would like your thoughts if this is a typical overthrow of due process at the DLSE or merely aberrant dereliction of duty?

7/12/2009 10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can find an expert attorney in US Constitution about basic right of its citizen to "due process" who can represent you and me to fight at the Federal Court, I would love to join. I have evidences that DLSE also violated my basic right to "due process". Also, I would like to join you to file complaint with the Federal Justice Department-Honorable US Attorney General, Eric Holder or any Federal Civil Right Office.

7/12/2009 11:18 PM  
Anonymous DLSE sux ballz said...

1st, which DLSE office heard your case?
2nd, DIRt's director is Duncan, or am I wrong?
3rd, start filing your complaint with the CA Dept. of Justice AND the FBI...they investigate corrupt public officials.

Also, start your own blog, scan and .jpeg all of the documents and post them online...use keywords like DLSE, Labor Standards, Labor Commissioner, DIR, and the full names of those involved. This way, when a member of the public goes to "google" their hearing officer, they can see your stuff.

7/13/2009 8:19 PM  
Anonymous Karl Humbarger said...

Oh well, this blog is really for frustrated DLSE employees and I can relate personally to their frustration with bureaucrats who have so much apparent disdain for them that the bloggers feel powerless to make a significant change from within their perceived system of corruption. I’m not so cynical in believing these bureaucrats are so powerful, especially if the proper Klieg lights were applied to their corrupt actions. I know these bureaucrats are scared little cowards at heart.
As an analogy, it’s like most of these bureaucrats had flunked badly Civics 101 and are now taking it out with a vengeance on our citizens. The part I find most unfathomable is why they are taking a wrecking ball to notions like due process and the laws? The only rationale I can find for such actions is that they are weak-headed bullies who can only feel superior when they are cynically denying someone else their rights, especially the perceived weaker of the parties in contention. By only identifying with the more powerful makes them seem more powerful. I can’t think of another profession like this legal one where people are so willing to subvert their own trade - like carpenters burning down forests, lifeguards drowning swimmers, etc. and now bureaucrats who want to destroy the laws they had pledged to protect.
If I don’t get a response addressing my concerns with my last correspondence with the DIR director, I promised to contact my state representatives. It wouldn’t hurt to send a copy of my complaint to the ACLU at the same time.
Lastly I want to thank a Mr. Anonymous from among the DLSE ranks who encouraged me to contact this DIR director.

7/13/2009 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Karl Humbarger said...

Hi DLSE sux ballz,
I saw your post only after I sent my last one.
1st the DLSE offices are in San Jose.
2nd I addressed my letter only to “Director”, since I wasn’t sure who the current director of the DIR is.
3rd Maybe, after I try a few other steps like contacting my representatives, etc.
As far as a website or blog, I’ve done it before with an EEOC case that not coincidentally involved the same attorney. I was fired in this DLSE case by this legal service specifically because they found out about my EEOC case after I filed suit in federal court. You might ask why they would do that. Well for one reason they didn’t compensate any of their process servers for the use of their vehicles during the time I worked there. And one thing I did achieve is forcing them to pay their process servers as I testified at the hearing after I met a process server who still worked there and who informed me of this. This was also where this hearing officer Murphy completely reinvented the employer’s perjured testimony. At the hearing they stated they had paid me for my mileage. I had a subpoena for my mileage that forced them to admit at the hearing that they had no records of paying me for my mileage. Murphy changed their perjured testimony 180 degrees. Murphy stated that I wasn’t paid because I hadn’t submitted any gas or mileage receipts! I was just being stubborn according to her totally weird ODA explanation. This was her bogus rationalization of why they had no records under subpoena. I could have proved this absolutely if she hadn’t refused my completely legitimate request under subpoena for my work orders that had all expenses written on them for tolls, parking, filing fees, etc. but not one mileage reimbursement request - because they never paid them for any of their process servers.
I still have this retaliation case active, #3350. The bone-headed employers, after they were notified of my complaint, went ahead and hired this same lawyer but then claimed they knew nothing about my federal case!
I will probably do a web page or blog as you suggest. I will display all the relevant evidence that exposes the corruption at the DLSE. I promise you that.

7/13/2009 9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please post the complete name of Murphy and request a copy of the hearing (they duplicate them on CDs now). Get a copy of that hearing tape so you can show the discrepancy and credibility problems.

Also, write a letter to Victoria Bradshaw; she's the blondie in charge of DIR ( LWDA directs DIR, so you need to follow up with that; I also suggest certified mailings because crap has a way of disappearing...also, try emailing her:

One of those email combinations should work...John Duncan's email is
Send him an email, too, and bcc copies to yourself.

7/14/2009 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Karl Humbarger said...

Hello Anonymous;
I left a message today with the hearing officer, Jean Murphy, who conducted the hearing, and I requested a copy of the hearing tape and the procedure to obtain it. Her message said she’d reply to messages the following Monday. We’ll see. I also copied your message of email addresses. I already sent a certified letter to the DIR San Francisco offices July 7th, so I might give it a little time for a response. I didn’t know I could get a copy of the hearing tape if I didn’t appeal the ODA decision to superior court. But I’ll get the tape in the mean time if the DLSE will give it up.

7/14/2009 4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Cut out the convoluted sidebars from your comments and brief should lead to better communication of your complaint. A one page memo cover to explain it all.

1/11/2010 11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen Denise Ramos, another undeserving pet.

2/03/2010 9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright moron, so they put certain personnel under state surveillance without a court order. As private citizens you have the right to do the same without such documents. Do it and find out what they're doing. They want attention so go give it to them. Don't have the mind set of an incarcerated inmate; take the initiative. Suspicious minds have something of their own to hide. Again, find out what that is.

2/03/2010 6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be equitable, request ICE investigate all of DIR, from top to bottom. After all there should be sufficient cause by now. Furloughs may not be necessary at DIR after payroll savings with terminations of illegal alien DIR employees. Check out everybody; and when they're found to have committed fraud at anytime then prosecute for the full federal 5 years / $250k fines per offense. Chris, do you have the guts to clean, clean, and clean if you were the director of DIR?

3/31/2010 8:58 PM  

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