Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva: protecting her female co-workers no matter what damage those women do to the public...Women helping women!

CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE, and what a surprise that Angela Bradstreet did not send this to OD Legal for investigation, but gave it to fellow girl's club member Abigael Calva for proper disposal whitewash. Back in 2002, Deputy Chief Tom Grogan issued a memo that discussed the costs of translators used in the 98a wage claim process. As per current management, that memo still stands. Spanish translators are paid $45 per hour, unless you are a female, work for supervisor Jorge Gomez, and are managed by Abigael Calva.
This one translator worked for 1.25 hours and was paid for 4 hours worth of work. A complaint was filed, and in record time, DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva dismissed the complaint, stated that the translator was paid appropriately, and that the hearing officer did nothing wrong. When asked for further details, then all of the sudden Abigael Calva couldn't shut up fast enough. When supervisor Jorge Gomez was asked about this, he said that the translator was working on "other stuff" and that Hearing Officer Vicky Tamoush's recording of time regarding the 1.25 hours was incorrect. He then directed all questions to Abigael Calva, since she was the one that issued the memo that cleared Vicky Tamoush of any taxpayer malfeasance.
Apparently, Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's philosophy of "women helping women" is now being applied to our day to day operations. Is its goal to protect the collective asses of women who screw over the taxpayer and misappropriate taxpayer funds? Through Bradstreet's delegation, Regional Manager Calva did everything she could to protect Hearing Officer Vicky Tamoush; indeed, Vicky Tamoush is protected, and if push came to shove, then it's a safe assumption that Angela Bradstreet would protect Abigael Calva. It also seems that Abigael Calva found a new Lloyd Aubrey.

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Anonymous witch hunt said...

Vicki Tamoush has become rich by overpaying interpreters for years. Her friend Mindy (school teacher) was on her payroll for years with plenty of kickbacks. Spanish speaking claimants were held back for month awaiting Winter and Summer breaks in order for her friend Mindy to have a complete months of work. Well, she was finally busted so Vicki had to find another resource. She has found a new resource in which she pays a grand sum of $175.00 for one and a half hours worked. The sad thing is Vicki documented the hours worked and management still looks the other way. How many people are getting kick backs from interpreters for the overpayment of time worked. Vicki I heard is now giving broom rides this Halloween in order to make extra money. They must make brooms stronger then in the old days when witches were skinny.

10/16/2007 10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard last week staff discussing this million dollar fuck-up called CMS. Are we are still continuing to pour money into this abortion? Is anyone, anyone going to do something to this Jim Culbeaux for the millions he has blown here at the IS Department and DLSE?

10/21/2007 8:02 PM  

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