Wednesday, October 31, 2007

DLSE supervisor exam to be held in Los Angeles, mid-November: the bat guano referred as DLSE execs. begin their biased, unfair, & traditional testing!

Well, it's time for the good ol' girls club at DLSE (Greg Rupp and Lupe Almaraz included) to start their biased, unfair, predetermined supervisor's exam. At the last supervisor's exam (DLC IV), how did some friggin' noob like Eric Rood (dink bureaucrat hailing from EDD) manage to pass the exam & promote to Regional Manager while seasoned supervisors failed the same exam? Yeah, tell me that the DLC IV exam was fair & unbiased.
Here's the real kick in the grapes: the DLSE doesn't (even) attempt to appear fair, which is the very purpose of the merit-based, civil service exam. The civil service exams & promotional qualifications appraisals' purpose are supposed to eliminate this kind of crap, yet all it does is shield the guilty from the microscope.
Why is California's State Personnel Board not up DIR's butt as to why such exams are continuing? These DIR retards have proven, to themselves and others, that they will not self-correct. It is the managers that need constant supervision, and it is the managers who need to be investigated. Why are Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz and Assistant Chief Greg Rupp still collecting paychecks, after placing California taxpayers in harm's way? Why have they not been disciplined and investigated for their actions against the citizens of California? Does Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet need more communications from Assembly Members to get off her lazy ass and take action? What's her major malfunction?
Come mid-November, the Kabuki Theater called the DLSE supervisor exam will go thru the motions, and then pass & pick whoever they want to pass and pick. If the State Personnel Board fails to supervise the DLSE, then are they just as liable?

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