Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eric Rood, hand-picked from EDD: how did he pass the DLC IV exam and furthermore, how did his answers surpass guys that've been w/DLSE for 25+ years?

This just goes to show that at the end of the day, the DLSE will do whatever it wants to do. If I had to guess, then this guy-who's very young to be a DLC IV-is being groomed for bigger things. The only person that controls both EDD & DLSE is Secretary Victoria Bradshaw...and I do mean Secretary. Whatever he's being groomed for..he'll get the promotions, as the DLSE took a huge shit on those that have given their lives and careers to DLSE....those guys are CHUMPS! There are DLC IIIs that have spent decades doing the job, and the DLSE cannot devise an exam where the best DLC IIIs pass an exam, and some newbie passes it? Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't rigged! And to the DLC IIIs who failed the exam & have given decades of dedicated service to the DLSE: the higher-ups think that you are dirt and chumps. "You will continue to be dumped on because that's what we think of your service. New guys like Eric Rood will get the promotion because that's how we roll. You don't like it? Quit. By the time you read this, the DLSE just turned you into a prison wife! Just kidding! Keep up the great work!" I bet that not one of the DLC IIIs (who failed the exam) protested it, as fighting (even soooo close to retirement) is in direct opposition to ass-kissing.
Loyal morons like Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz still get named as Defendants in losing lawsuits, but promoting him to Deputy Chief was (still) the better choice than promoting that other asshole Assistant Chief Greg Rupp. Of course, only both of them have been named by judges for failing to read the US Constitution & understand what was written over 200+ years ago. Maybe our founding fathers should have used smaller words.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Rood was a DLC for DLSE in Redding for years...

4/23/2008 12:56 PM  

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