Thursday, September 13, 2007

If DLSE management spent more time on proper problem identification & solution, then Santa Ana Wage Claims would not be as screwed up as it is

The first thing that DLSE did to screw the public was their failure in having any policies and procedures concerning settlement conferences. If that wasn't bad enough, these management jackasses - to this day - absolutely refuse to compile any sort of performance standards. Then, they do not properly fill the vacancies needed to efficiently serve the public. Then, they intentionally mandate a Deputy Labor Commissioner to the bench where she's not allowed to hold any conferences and spends her day at counter, answering phones or trying to make progress on wage claims that have already had their conference date.

Meanwhile, not one manager properly identifies who her case load replacement will be...Santa Ana receives about 350+ wage claims per month, and they take a Deputy Labor Commissioner off the caseload rotation without a replacement? WTF? Is Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet intentionally screwing over the public with this feces-style of case file management? At this point, any retarded executive manager can see that the planets are slowly starting to align. This combination of increased case load, reduction in settlement conference deputies, and an intentional lack of guidelines only makes for shitty and inefficient service to the public. Now, an unexpected death in our wage claim family only makes things worse; there is one less deputy to hear cases.

These asshole managers will try and make asshole excuses and pin all of their woes on Nita's death, because that's what chickenshit DLSE managers do. Unfortunately for these assholes managers, the serious problems happened well before Nita's unexpected departure. Unfilled vacancies, no policies, procedures or performance standards, and removing a fully capable Deputy Labor Commissioner out of the case load rotation; that's what should be addressed at tomorrow's dipshit emergency manager's meeting in Los Angeles. The issue is not Nita's caseload; it's the DLSE & how it got to be so shitty before Nita's situation became an issue.

Instead, these douchebags are still trying to get rid of the blogger; that has nothing to do with proper & efficient service to the public. Once again, these douchebags are nowhere near fulfilling DLSE's mission. They are still screwing the public over with their idiot managers in their cheap suits, their cheap shoes, and their cheap attitude toward serving the public. What has Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet done, except collect her paycheck, lose to the blogger, get named in Corrales, and become "confused" after trying to comprehend meal & rest periods?

Commissioner Bradstreet: get off your ass and start fixing the problems. The buck stops with you: lead, follow, or get the fcuk out of the way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I believe that Angela has two problems: one she has taken on a position that has a lot of responsibility with very little authority. Second she suffers from the same disease that Gray Davis suffered from. She can't make a decision. Corrales v. Bradstreet is a good example of both problems. She had very little to do with
Corrales but it has her name all over it and it will be welded to her ass for the rest of her life. Plus she agreed with the judges that we are not performing our duties in a timely manner. What is she going to do about it? The answer is nothing. She is way to indecisive to ever come up with a plan on how to solve the problem of our untimely ness and if she did come up with a solution she hasn't got the ability to implement it. The inept morons she has working for her (Calva, Rupp, Almaraz) don't have a clue about team work, morale or fair working conditions. They can't even get a security wall built in the Santa Ana Office let alone implement a plan to get our conferences and hearing done in a timely manner. Angela will go the same route as Donna Dell. She will fill some space for a while and then just give up and go home to her wife.

9/15/2007 11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to the illiterate individual who writes this wretched blog:

Mr. Lotts,
I am not Dean Fryer. Your constant posting to yourself is laughably weak. If you honestly want traction for your opinions, the use of graphically violent and perverse innuendo should stop.

Honestly, you are becoming the laughing stock of governmental bureaucracy with your sub-standard performance in DLSE, your continuing perpetration of inappropriate comments about your co-workers, and your continuing lack of compliance with existing orders from Angela, John, and others.

You may think that you are receiving adequate legal advice, but you appear to be convinced that your future should rely upon the opinion of a liberal, low-level, elected politician from Garden Grove.

Perhaps, instead of publishing libel and slander, you should consider the ramifications of perjury under California law.

You appear not to care that the governor, the DIR, and DLSE have been harmed by your behavior, your false statements, and your reallocation of governmental resources per your own whim.

Exactly which code of administrative conduct permits you to call your co-workers names, allege perverse sexual escapes, and then complain that you are being treated unfairly?

It is the role of any state administration to bring discipline to the administrative process.

Your conduct deserves review.

Just review your own blog. The character attacks, defamation of character, and administrative abuses are clear.

4/05/2008 10:30 PM  

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