Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 years ago today, the DLSE marched Miles Locker off the job

Things move very slow in state service; things move faster in superior court. Two years ago, the DLSE marched California's best labor law attorney, Miles Locker, off the job. In his place, we received retard Robert Jones, who seems to have been promoted for having screwed over Californians by the meal & rest period cluster fcuk (see Murphy and Corrales) as well as having fired Miles Locker himself. Only in state service can such a dolt be promoted to Big Vick's (Victoria Bradshaw) Number Two (know what I mean...#2?).Two years and he still isn't back. That snail of an Administrative Law Judge (still) hasn't written the decision.
Here's what I think: The ALJ doesn't want to write it, because Miles will be coming back. There's nothing Miles did that warranted a termination: he had almost 20 years of dedicated service, much more dedication than those ass-clowns Robert Jones and Victoria Bradshaw, but the Governor wanted meal & rest periods to conform to his special interest lobbyists/campaign contributors. DLSE got rid of the one lawyer that got it right, as confirmed by the California Supreme Court.
Vicky Bradshaw needs to retire and go to her little villa in Europe, but it's hard when you have the Governor singing Happy Birthday to her...she gets off on that egoism. She's doing the public no favors by collecting a state paycheck. Maybe if she leaves, then that other idiot Robert Jones will follow in her elephant-like footsteps. Political Appointees are like a business owner's dufus nephew that made Vice-President; it's not earned, it's favoritism, they don't know the job, and all they do is suck up to the idiot that got them the free paycheck. Y U C K,: when will Miles come back and steer this agency back on its course and make the morons walk the plank?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Labor Commissioner's office is currently looking for a new Chief Council. Why not Miles Locker? He was right when everyone else was wrong. Is it so hard to say we made a mistake? Locker's only mistake was to disagree with Jones. Jones was wrong and he got promoted. That was probably mistake number 2. But getting passed all of that Why not Locker?

Angela is getting ready to drop a bomb on her self. There is no fixing CMS! Angela, why don't you type up one entertainment work permit using the 98A system and then type up the same permit using the CMS system. See for yourself. I know it is going to be a very hard pill to swallow, but it needs to be done. Rail road employees really don't need to go on strike to make their point. All they we need to do is to obey all of the rules and regulations set down by management and the trains will stop running. The day Angela drops CMS on us the trains will stop running for the DLSE.

8/31/2007 5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how soon Miles will be coming back to DLSE.

9/06/2007 3:32 PM  

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