Saturday, September 01, 2007

DLSE has a BOFE manual and a Hearing Officer's manual, but nothing for the settlement conferences. Why does the DLSE practice such inefficiency?

The DLSE has a book for hearing officers and a book for BOFE (Bureau of Field Enforcement), but what these retards don't have is a book for settling conferences.
These retards are wasting state time, resources, and money by focusing on items that are not mission-related, like losing in court to the blogger. Who is authorizing these costs to the taxpayer? Make no mistake that this was their sad attempt at harassment & retaliation, and they (still) couldn't get it right.
When retards are in charge, they rarely get it right. Is this why Anglela Bradstreet is (now) cheerleading for that multi-million dollar abortion called CMS? Is this why she lost Corrales? Is this why Bradshaw lost Livadas? Is this why Miles Locker will beat them and come back to DLSE? Arguments from retards are almost always unsuccessful because they are fatally flawed; justice & law are on their other side of the fence, and those in charge think they can overcome justice & law by argument.
It is these people (Robert Jones, Richard Munoz, Vanessa Holton, Anthony Mischel, Steve McGinty, and now-Angela Bradstreet) that perpetuate the stereotypes about lawyers. As the zealous advocates for their clients they will claim, they are not acting in the best interest of their client. They can't fix shit, they can't resolve shit, they can't mediate shit....and DLSE is the mediating agency between employees and employers. I D I O T S or R E T A R D decide

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Anonymous Lost in Bofe Land said...

That BOFE Manual is nothing to be proud of, it's bare bones information.

1/18/2008 7:50 PM  

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