Saturday, September 08, 2007

The harassment of the blogger continues...

The day after the blogger received the judge's decision in the trial against the DLSE & Lupe Almaraz, the DLSE smacked the blogger with another internal affairs investigation meeting set for September 7th.
The interrogators refused to divulge who typed the 8+ pages of single-spaced questions, but newly promoted Regional Manager trainee Eric Rood mentioned OD-Legal in an earlier conversation. If OD-Legal's involved, then you can bet those lard asses Vanessa Holton, Steve McGinty, Richard Munoz, and Anthony Mischel had their hands in this.
The issue involved a complaint sent to the Labor Commissioner because the claimant's case was dismissed at the settlement conference. Earlier, the claimant wrote a letter requesting a telephonic conference because he would be in Missouri. In actuality, the claimant was in Riverside and only packing his belongings to move to Missouri. Sitting at home in Riverside is quite different than being in Missouri, so it was dismissed. The claimant, Bryan Davenport, complained in a letter to the Labor Commissioner. Then, OD-Legal became involved, & then shit rolls downhill! Apparantly, putting coffee mugs in a box is enough for Regional Dumbshit Manager Abigael Calva to authorize a telephonic conference. Calva's given the green light to re-open the case. Maybe Calva's dumb/lazy ass can settle it, since she wants it opened. Her and that other moron Lupe Almaraz can do the DLSE-Wage Claims a huge favor and put a policy into play that explains the procedures and reasons why telephonic conferences should be granted at the settlement process, because right now, Calva & Almaraz have given the DLSE shit.
A complaint like this should have never been escalated to the point where OD-Legal drafted questions for two desk donkies, who then flew down from Nor Cal for this inquisition. By the way, Bob Brock was the same asshole who interrogated Bruce Broadwater about that Vicky Tamoush bullshit complaint against Jim Jackson concerning translators. Interrogate first, drum up/manufacture the evidence later....serving the public and ass-raping taxpayer inquisition at a time. Thanks to newly-installed Governator appointee Angela Bradstreet, the Labor Commissioner who authorized such taxpayer waste without so much as a smidgen of corroborative evidence before green-lighting and wasting such money.
Great job, Angie, you're fitting in quite well with the other wasteful retards.

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Anonymous like a rock said...

Just when you think they have found all the Nazi's from WWII, they pop up again. I cannot believe that a complaint letter concerning a case dismissal warranted a Regional Manager and investigator visit from the Northlands. How much did this little fiasco cost the department? Lets see, two airplane tickets and two hotel rooms(I hope). All because they lost there "freedom of speech" case in court against the blogger. If it smells like harrassment and talks like harassment, it must be harassment. The blogger should get a restraining order against their asses since they never do an internal investigation on a complaint letter. I have been with the division for mucho years and I have never seen such Gestapo tactics. Who is calling the shots in headquarters? I would guess it's that fat ass Robert Jones since his ego is bigger than his ass. It must be terrible to be a legal loser. He can't be confirmed as the Labor Commissioner, loses his ass in court on various legal issues (meal and rest breaks), terminates the best attorney the division has ever had (but will be returning as soon as his court case is decided) and last but not least he loses his ass in court on a "freedom of speech" issue against the blogger who is revealing all the shit that is going on in the division. I cannot believe our new Labor Commission (Angela Bradstreet) with a legal background in employee rights, is not hitting the ceiling on all this bullshit. Where are you Joe DiMaggio, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ted Kennedy, Cesaer Chavez etc.our lonely hearts go out to you. The rights of the employees in this division are dwindling while Cicero plays the violin!Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/08/2007 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is my understanding that yesterday's inquisition of Chris Lotts brought out several issues that really need to be examined. The two inquisitors Eric Rood and Bob Brock both brought baggage to the investigation that needs to be investigated all on its own. Mr. Rood turns out to be a deputy four that know one has ever heard of. It is rumored that he was he was promoted since the last four examination. What is surprising about him being a deputy four is that he was never a deputy one, two or three. In the Santa Ana office four different individuals took the same four examination and failed it. All of them highly qualified individuals. Jorge Gomez had over 29 years experience with DLSE and failed the exam. Jim Jackson has over 30 years experience with DLSE and failed the exam. Bruce Broadwater has 15 years with the DLSE, 10 years as Mayor of the 19th largest city in California and failed the exam. Chris Lotts has 8 years with the DLSE and is the only known employee to have ever taken the DLSE into Superior Court, hand management their hind quarters on a platter and stilled failed the four exam. Some one on the BLOG stated that they actually had the questions prior to the four examination and still failed it. It is rumored that Mr. Rood came out of EDD. What is amazing is that Mr. Rood was able to pass the exam and get the position and not have any experience with the DLSE. I also heard that at yesterday's investigation Mr. Rood did not know what a 900 form or an F15 form was. It was stated that he had know clue what a form 1 was. It seems as though DLSE management has been up to there old tricks again. I wonder who's nephew this guy is?

On the other hand Mr. Brock the department's chief investigator into internal affairs, who I heard ask all of the questions at the investigation, must have graduated form Nazi Storm Trooper School, was so determined to make a case against Lotts that Lotts' representative had to tell him to quit badgering the witness 4 times. I have heard that he would ask the same question over and over again. It was reveled that he said he was only trying to get the to the truth and Mr. Lotts' representative told him he wouldn't know the truth if he heard it. It sounds as though these guys tried to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Maybe there will be a retaliation complaint filed against these two thugs in Superior Court in the near future.

9/08/2007 12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OD Legal is the gestapo for DIR. The Legislature needs to do a thorough investigation as to all the promotions done within DLSE and OD Legal and they will find out that they don't follow SPB procedures. They promote who ever they want, regardless of their qualifications. Just the mere fact that they have a degree they get promoted whether or not they are knowledgeable enough to do the job. They don't believe in promoting employees that have been loyal to the Division and who have been doing the job without a college degree.

9/08/2007 1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Management hates Lotts because he tells them what they don't want to hear and he does this through his BLOG. He uses the BLOG because they tried to fire him without hearing his side of the story. If management would have taken the time to earnestly listen to his side of the story in the first place there never would have been a BLOG. This management refuses to listen because they are smarter then everyone else and they are especially smarter then Lotts. If you don't believe me just ask management.

In the beginning they received complaints about Lotts and had a legitimate reason for making an inquiry into his behavior. Instead of doing a real investigation and ferreting out both sides of the story they choose to resolve the problem by getting rid of Lotts. Of course Lotts vetoed that decision. Now the problem is no longer resolving a dispute between Lotts and some irate employer it has become Lotts himself. They hate him and they can't just fire him because they hate him, so they have decided to fire him for breaking the rules. This creates a real catch 22 for them because they don't have any rules.

The reason they don't have any rules is because if they had rules everybody would start obeying them and nothing would get done. Can you imagine if they put in writing that you had to document every phone call you made and received? You would be doing nothing else but documenting phone calls. Recently Jorge Gomez, the senior deputy in Santa Ana, gave a verbal order to one of his deputies and the deputy asked him to put that order in writing. He knew he couldn't do it because he would be violating the DLSE's number one rule whish is nothing is put in writing. This management has put them selves in such a trick and they don't know what to do about it. When you get to the point where you don't care anymore it becomes really fun to watch. So remember there is freedom in kayos. This can be interpreted to mean, there is a lot of freedom in this division.

9/09/2007 6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one and only one person responsible for all this shit at DIR and that person is Venessa Holton. Vanessa Holton should be disbarred. She is guiding the shit-heads Munoz and McGinty in your case.

9/09/2007 8:40 PM  
Anonymous bitch revealer said...

So you believe the nazi behind the blog boy harassment is Venessa Holton, Chief Counsel. She was also the nazi behind the firing of John Carter, Senior Deputy. This bitch has zero ethics and loves to bottom feed. She broke up Lloyd Aubrey's (past Labor Commissioner)marriage and is now shacking up with him. I wonder if she knows about the Calva/Aubry connection and how Abby became a Regional Manager? Makes you wonder who is playing who. Oh well, what goes around, comes around. I just hope I'm still around when the bitch gets her just due.

9/11/2007 8:19 PM  

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