Sunday, September 16, 2007

How many of Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet's managers have been found to violate the US Constitution? 2. Has she disciplined them? No. Why not?

Labor Commissioner Bradstreet allowed DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz to be named in a lawsuit, and then they lost the lawsuit: on all counts. Not one of the judge's rulings were in favor of the DLSE. At any time, they could have put the brakes on that lawsuit, and not one of those turds did so because it wasn't their money; it was the taxpayer's money.
Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet talks a whole lot of shit about trying to solve Corrales, so why are there vetted applicants effectively sitting on approved hiring eligibility lists, waiting to fill vacancies in the Santa Ana office? We have bosses like Assistant Chief Greg Rupp, Regional Manager Abigael Calva, and Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz who have had their thumbs up their asses their entire careers, and these are the same people who advise Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet on how to fix these problems.
Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz violated the blogger's constitutional rights, and Assistant Chief Greg Rupp violated the constitutional rights of those victimized in the Corrales decision, and Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet has done nothing to discipline these douchebags. These are the DLSE's "leaders," and they are a joke. Of course I'm going to question their orders; judges say they violate the United States Constitution. They cannot solve problems legally.
Maybe Angela Bradstreet would consult with the late Ted Bundy on women's rights issues or use the accountants from Enron to assist the DLSE in making the budget numbers "fit." When she decides to pull her head out of her ass will be about the same time I'll be able to hear her about truly solving the Corrales problems. Until then, it's just some weak-ass political appointee polishing the apples of her handlers and not doing a damn thing about that Supreme Court decision. Oh yeah, any time she wants to get off her lazy ass and discipline those executive managers that have been found to have violated the rights of others would be a good time. Idiot.


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Angela is making a big mistake by not disciplining Almaraz and Rupp. Almaraz is a wimpy little pick and Rupp is a neighborhood bully, but Angela doesn't see that yet. This is her opportunity to get rid of two wayward management employees who she has inherited from previous administrations. She will regret this later but it will be too late. Sometimes it is hard to see the gifts God sends us. I am sure that in taking over this department she wanted to go easy until she had acquainted herself with the management personal. Then she would take any corrective actions she thought were necessary. However, when dealing with bureaucrats and civil service rules and regulations one is much better off cleaning house first and correcting any mistakes you have made after the fact. By the time Angela figures all of this out it will be to late and the management bureaucrats will be welcoming a new Labor Commissioner.

9/18/2007 5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to the illiterate individual who writes this wretched blog:

Mr. Lotts,
I am not Dean Fryer. Your constant posting to yourself is laughably weak. If you honestly want traction for your opinions, the use of graphically violent and perverse innuendo should stop.

Honestly, you are becoming the laughing stock of governmental bureaucracy with your sub-standard performance in DLSE, your continuing perpetration of inappropriate comments about your co-workers, and your continuing lack of compliance with existing orders from Angela, John, and others.

You may think that you are receiving adequate legal advice, but you appear to be convinced that your future should rely upon the opinion of a liberal, low-level, elected politician from Garden Grove.

Perhaps, instead of publishing libel and slander, you should consider the ramifications of perjury under California law.

You appear not to care that the governor, the DIR, and DLSE have been harmed by your behavior, your false statements, and your reallocation of governmental resources per your own whim.

Exactly which code of administrative conduct permits you to call your co-workers names, allege perverse sexual escapes, and then complain that you are being treated unfairly?

It is the role of any state administration to bring discipline to the administrative process.

Your conduct deserves review.

Just review your own blog. The character attacks, defamation of character, and administrative abuses are clear.

4/05/2008 10:30 PM  

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