Friday, August 31, 2007

If Bradstreet's going to outsource CMS finalization to EDD, then shouldn't she, at the very least, take a big dump on Jim Culbeaux's career?

Just when I think that sanity & reality may return to this division, I read Angela Bradstreet's memo (go to the 'thank-you' paragraph), and I go insane all over again [click this link to read text & pic {click pic to enlarge}]. She thanks some personnel that were/are completely useless, and it looks like she didn't thank the true mastermind of CMS: Jim Culbeaux. Why was his name not in her memo?
What I really love about this blog is that people from Nor Cal are reading it, and if they are really smart, they're passing this link for others to read. It seems that Jim Culbeaux rents out space in Oakland to recently ejected Acting Director John Rea, and there are those that insist that he's the mastermind behind the CMS failure. If that's true, then what's happening to his career? For those that are in the know, please spell it out for us not in the know. How did he get his start? Who protects him and why? What education & specialization does he possess?
If you read Angela's memo carefully, you'll notice how she failed to articulate the total cost, both in dollars and man/woman hours spent on this abortion. If she wants credibility and street cred, then she'll need to earn it. She'll need to get rid of those that cannot do their job or hinder other personnel from doing their jobs. Greg Rupp needs to go, because any action he takes (other than sleeping at his desk) only screws the division. Lupe Almaraz needs something more than an official reprimand for 3 judges having decided that he violated a co-worker's constitutional rights, those OD-Legal retards attorneys need big-time demotions (Steve McGinty & Richard Munoz), Vaness Holton & Anthony Mischel need to do a "Jose Millan" and join another agency, and last but not least:
Robert Jones, the windbag that couldn't get confirmed. Are there any amount of adjectives that don't encompass this ass-clown's persona? He fired Miles Locker, threatened his own legal staff & tried to destroy free speech, and threatened the blogger with termination. Who is protecting this butt-monkey? Is it Vicky Bradshaw, is she the one that's protecting his job? Where does this douchebag get his juice? Who's fingerprints are on his careeer ascension? How did he go from idiot civilian attorney to DLSE Acting Labor Commissioner & Chief Counsel to Deputy Blah Blah Blah at LWDA? Angela Bradstreet should use every ounce of her connection with Susan Kennedy and have the Governator separate him from public service. Vicky Bradshaw will try and pull rank if this happens, but a decent cat fight just might be what this agency needs to right itself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Working in this division is like an Alice and Wonderland experience. As a young lieutenant in the military one of the first things I was taught was that my first responsibility was to take care of the enlisted men who were assigned to me. The management of the labor commissioner's office is operating under the premise that taking care of yourself is your number one responsibility. However, when one of the peons starts looking out for themselves that becomes an unforgivable sin. Chris Lotts was treated as the enemy from the very beginning. He made the mistake of having a female Chinese co-worker at the same time he was trying to regulate some Chinese garment shop owners. Can you guess whose side management took, the little Chinese deputy who was scared of her own shadow or Chris Lotts' former U.S. Marine? Never once did they set down with him and try to straighten out the problem they perceived they were having with him. Management put him on PUC for a couple of years and hoped he would get fed up with that and find another job. He only irritated them more by starting this blog and fighting back. This problem they thought they knew how to handle. Management ran him through their disciplinary procedure (in which they totally control} and put him on suspension for 45 days. Now that they had built a case they started moving towards firing him. They had one little problem. In their little minds they couldn't separate the blog, which they hated, from his job performance. When they attack the blog they were messing with the Constitution of the United States of America. Lotts hired an attorney who specialized if First Amendment rights and hauled them into Superior Court and kicked there tail bone. Management's performance in Superior Court was so bad it was as if they had never heard of the Constitution of the United States. The day after the judge had ruled totally in Lotts' favor our wonderful management informed Lotts that he was required to attend a hearing to review his job performance. When Lotts wins his retaliation suite it will only hurt our department but Lotts will be smiling all the way to the bank.

9/01/2007 2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Culbeaux was hired at DIR as a student assistant by his sister Christine Baker. Christine was head of the IT Department, that at the time, was small, and was part of the Division of Labor Statistics and Research (DLSR). Jim Culbeaux majored in Forestery and has absolutely no knowledge in the computer industry. Christine Baker has ties to corrupt senators and politicians and has used this influence to push for Jim Culbeaux's promotions over the years. Jim Culbeaux was promoted to Data Processing Manager IV (DPM IV) when other Departments with much bigger and larger operations such as CalTrans did not have their Chief Information Officers above the DPM III level. There is not one successfull project that Jim Culbeaux can take credit for.

9/02/2007 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Choclate Swirl said...

Here's news from Nor Cal. I heard that last year Jim Culbeaux held exams for the Systems Software Specialist series I, II and III. Prior to the exams Jim Culbeaux and his accomplice Dan Nishijima asked certain individuals what questions they could answer so as to ask those same questions at the exams. As predicted only the individuals with advance knowledge of the questions made it to the lists. One such individual named Jeff Seeman was insulted by the offer and the outcome and thought is was unfair to the other individuals taking the exams and came forward and turned Jim Culbeaux and Dan Nishijima in. The exams were abolished and are being held again this time by the SPB. However nothing has been done to the perpetrators of this crime namely Jim Culbeaux and Dan Nishijima. Does this sound unique at DIR or has this happened many times before?

9/02/2007 10:05 AM  
Anonymous scam buster said...

Christine Baker has always tried to lure unsuspecting politicians into her bind. Christine Baker starts out by donating small sums to politicians campaigns and then demands big favors for herself and her brother Jim Culbeaux.

2/11/2008 10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a foreign educated Chinese / Vietnamese DLSE sup. (King Rat) who was too friendly and protective of certain Chinese sweatshops to have been a neutral. If a DLC leaned on those biz by simply citing them then that was the finale for the field investigator. Everybody else knew this Christopher, including the chink you got paired up with. Why didn't you ? Did you think you were simply suppose to do a job like in the good old days before these chink refugees started infiltrating state gov. and ignore the corruption they brought with them to America and then to DLSE?

1/11/2010 6:28 PM  
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The Chinese deputy was still quite clannish toward her kind was she? Failure of assimilation into America and violation of a Constitutional oath caused that China woman to turn on a deputy trying to perform his duties. Wagering that the "chinese" woman was of the VietCong brand arrived from the north 'nam in the last 2 or 3 decades with bogus claim for asylum. These guys are the "sappers" most 'Nam era adults are familiar with. During the day they work in the US compound as hired labor then at night they blow it up. Their vacation routes to visit their families take them from the tri-indonesia nations, e.g., Thailand to Vietnam, to maintain their asylum status, and, therefor, maintain their US provided refugee dollar entitlements. A record of their successful temporary repatriation to Vietnam is never on gov. record when this indirect route is used. No one you got screwed CL; you were dealing with a scoundrel, a well practiced manipulator, and no doubt a whore who would do anything to eliminate you just because that's how these people operate. This comment based on empirically observed data. DIR, wake up and terminate these foreign spies sabotaging guys like CL who may have worn a US mil uniform but never got over seas to experience getting screwed and rolled by the local population. CL, I think you lawsuit should have included the Chinese woman as an individual then her entire conduct including immigration fraud would have come to light. Go get 'em.

3/31/2010 8:43 PM  
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Anonymous Engineered Labor Standards said...

Interesting blog post about the career of Jim Culbeaux. The courts will decide if the DLSE has or if Mr Culbeaux has the merits to win the case.

9/29/2010 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1/31/2011 8:36 AM  

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