Friday, September 28, 2007

Bradstreet's new policy on making phone calls wastes time and in the end, screws the taxpayer-again! (click pic to enlarge)

Can you imagine if the judicial system instituted a policy of making phone calls to inquire if civil lawsuits could be settled before using the courts? What makes DLSE's policy (even) more retarded is that Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet is a dipshit lawyer! None of these morons (Bradstreet, Almaraz, Calva, and Gomez) have settled cases like this..if they did, let's see the case files (900 Notes and all!). All it does is gum up the works and f*ck things up for the taxpayer...because cases are being delayed due to Bradstreet's new policy.
So this is how it probably played out: some asshole buzzes in Bradstreet's ear about how cases can be resolved with a phone call, and Angela runs with it. She talks about it with Lupe Almaraz, and being the butt-kissing bitch that he is, he tells her it's a great idea. He now tells Abigael Calva, who sits on her ass all day saying 'yes' to her bosses and 'no' to her staff, so (of course) she'll play along because she'll never make one of these phone calls. The next genius going down the management food chain is Jorge Gomez, who also is one of those "yes/no" managers: "yes" to the bosses and "no" to the subordinates. Now, he's gotta tell those who will eventually make these phone calls that this new policy is the priority.
The next day, a deputy makes 5 phone calls, all of them resulting in failure. It wasted one hour of the 8-hour day, resulting in a 12.5% screwing-over of the taxpayer. Not only did this fail, but it took time away from what succeeds, but these desk donkies making & encouraging such policy couldn't find their ass with a funnel.
Here's another hint, Angela: when you solicit opinions from morons, what you'll get is moron opinions. You're surrounded by people who are either too stupid to solve the puzzle, or they violate the US Constitution. Sit down & chat with DLC Bruce Broadwater; he's acquired some of the best statistics for the DLSE and he's been elected to serve the people (not the political appointee that you are) might actually learn something about this job.

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