Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If Bradstreet wants Corrales dealt with, then why are Almaraz, Calva, and Gomez looking the other way at Hearing Officer Maria Valdez?

An anonymous source told me that Hearing Officer Maria Valdez is way behind on her wage claim hearing write ups, but in the Santa Ana DLSE office...girls are treated better than guys, or is Valdez being protected by Almaraz, Calva, and Gomez? If Bradstreet truly wants to make headway into that Corrales beat-down, then she should start with Hearing Officers who cannot write their wage claim decision in the specified time frame. Why isn't Angela Bradstreet on top of Lupe Almaraz, who should be on top Abigael Calva, who should be on top of Jorge Gomez, who should be on top of Maria Valdez? Why are they keeping this information from the Labor Commissioner?
Almaraz-Calva-Gomez-Valdez. Do you see a common denominator here?
Could it be that Almaraz, Calva, and Gomez are protecting Valdez? What if the surname was O'Malley or Hussein? Would an O'Malley or a Hussein be protected like Almaraz, Calva, and Gomez are protecting Valdez?
Supervisor Jorge Gomez made sure that Hearing Officer Maria Valdez wrapped up yesterday's wage claim hearing [summary: Defendant had Claimant arrested by INS before settlement conference, then filed a restraining order against Claimant, then had INS arrest Claimant again after the hearing, but there was no translator available because Maria's pissed off all except Patty (her favorite translator), case was eventually settled, then INS took the Claimant away].
Unfortunately, the problem is still there: no one wants to translate for Maria Valdez because she's treated them with disrespect & with discourtesy. If anyone, she should know the pride of La Raza. Jorge is an enabler: he enables Maria to do what she does, which is to piss off translators. Jorge's solution is to order Lenora to use different translators. Jorge should either order Maria to find her own translators or counsel Maria on the benefits of getting along with others; he won't do either one, so the problem festers, and the Californians get screwed in the process. Had this situation involved a male (or possibly, an O'Malley), then Greg Rupp would have come out of his toilet office to investigate & discipline.
Someone should call La Opinion, Univision, or Telemundo and tell them that the Santa Ana DLSE office is allowing the INS to arrest Mexican wage claim victims and that it's okay for employers to shirk their obligation to pay legitimate wages owed, although this GAS republican administration might use it as a press release.

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Anonymous equality for everyone said...

It's true. The translating service which provides Spanish speaking translaters refused to provide Maria Valdez a translator at the last moment due to her rudeness to (4)different translators in the last two weeks. Jorge tried to beg and borrow a translator at the last moment due to the Plaintiff being deported after the hearing. The only other translator acceptable to Maria was unavailable. Hence, this Plaintiff almost got screwed due to Maria Valdez's arrogance and disrespect of translators. Jorge had to finally search the building in order to find a translator for Maria. When a hearing officer is down to only one translator who will put up with her bullshit, it is time the Senior deputy does something. Hello Jorge, maybe you haven't noticed but your head is up your ass. I can tell you one thing, if it was a white male that caused this situation, a reprimand would be in order. Maria= Hispanic Female(minority!!minority!!)

8/22/2007 10:31 AM  
Anonymous v (vendetta) said...

I'm back. If you refer back to my comment on August 1, 2007, you will know that I'm for real. As mentioned in those comments, I stated that I had all (8) questions prior to going for my oral exam for Deputy IV. I aced the exam, but to no avail. Management had already selected their candidate. Secondly, I reported on the Senior meeting with Bradsheet via a hidden recorder and thirdly I stated who was the hearing officer in Los Angeles, and this was prior to the oral exam. I stated for the record that Abigail Calva had already picked Rosa L. Murillo and that it was a waste of time and money to even go for the interview. Well, guess what, they announced yesterday that the new hearing officer in LA is Murillo. This is no coincidence, please go back to my comments on August 1, 2007. Poor Bruce Broadwater, I warned Bruce he did not have a chance (white male)but he went anyway. This the most corrupt regime in DLSE history and Bradstreet so far doen't seem to know this. Yes, minorities are getting all the promotions. If you are female, you are good shape, if you are female and a minority you don't even have to show up for the promotional interview.

8/22/2007 11:33 AM  
Blogger White said...

My wife and I was totally unlucky to get Maria Valdez as a Hearing Rep. for my wife's Labor Code Sect. 512 violation committed by Maria and Sergio Galvez, owners of Willdy Nutri Distributing in La Habra, Ca.

Imagine Maria Valdez stating in her decison, "Claimant's testimony is conflicting--Claimant states she didn't get a lunch break and she did get a lunch break."

My wife claimed she did get lunch breaks, but they were always interrupted in that she had to answer phones and sometimes pull orders while she ate a sandwich.

However, my wife didn't get "uninterrupted lunch breaks" as imposed by Ca. Labor Code Section 512.

Maria Valdez didn't like the fact I interrupted when Maria and Sergio Galvez submitted a fabricated and forged document supporting their false testimony, so she ignored and even twisted our testimony in an attempt to show my wife didn't have a case for compensation.

I sympathize that Maria Valdez is a cripple, having physical problems with her right leg, but I am disgusted that her mind is crippled in that she would willfully and in an evil fashion, draw up a decision document full of fraud.

Maria Valdez is evil and for someone like her to be in a position in which lives can be affected by her fraudulent decisions, is an example of a decaying society.

6/21/2011 9:00 PM  

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