Monday, August 20, 2007

DLSE employee asks manager for help: told no (click pic to enlarge). How does this better serve the public?

In the real world, the strong are advanced and promoted while the weak are eliminated. In reinforcing the stereotype of your typical state worker at DLSE, the weak are advanced (given less responsibility while making the same money) and the strong and competent are eliminated (given more work). The only thing Mr. Broadwater failed to mention that this started as a way for DLSE to improve their Corrales statistics. The document speaks for its itself as to its competency and efficiency to public service. They take a big dump on the deputies that do the work and another deputy skates...that's the DLSE"s "shove the problem into the corner" solution, although with Santa Ana being so ass-backwards, they shoved the problem right into the public's face, probably in hopes of increasing citizen complaints.

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Anonymous reverse discrimination said...

You have to be a female or a minority in this division in order to get promoted or get management's attention. If you want a study of reverse discrimination, do a study of promotions in the past (3)years. The white male is now extinct. Hasn't anyone told poor Bruce that he doesn't have a chance. He is a white male over the age of 65. He is a dead man walking!!!!!

8/20/2007 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce I got to give you credit. First you send an email to your boss telling him what he should be telling his superiors and then you let the crazy man put it on the blog. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with showing our management their sins. They have proven to you that doing a great job for ten years won't get any reward so you might as well have fun not being rewarded. They have also have proven that you have the same value to this organization as Mary Tokar. She makes exactly the same money as you and has never come close to doing the same amount of work or quality as you. Now she has been rewarded. Bruce you sinned along time ago and there is no forgiveness. When our management found out that you were a democratic elected official and had snuck into a republican administration you were doomed. It makes no difference that you had the talent to manage the nineteenth largest city in the State of California for ten years or that you balanced ten budgets of over 200 million dollars or that you had the skill to be a democrat in Orange and get reelected seven times all during the time you did a great job here, you will never get promoted in the DLSE. Keep up the good fight Bruce I love watching you in action.

8/20/2007 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serve the public? This DIR news release might lead someone to believe that we're serving the public.

It says that Wal-Mart's paying $198,900 in civil penalties. That's funny, because last time I looked at the Labor Code, it said that the civil penalty for overtime violations is $50 for the first violation, and $100 for all other violations, for each underpaid employee for each pay period for which the employee was underpaid. Maybe I ain't a math whiz, but it sure looks like Wal-Mart's $198,900 should cover about 1,989 violations. I'm wondering how you get 1,989 violations when there's 50,000 workers who got shorted on overtime, and a whole lot of pay periods for each of those workers. Looks like Wal-Mart got themselves a real Wal-Mart discount.

But hey, that's just business as usual around here. Looks like we're serving the public alright. On a platter to Arnold's corporate chums.

8/20/2007 10:13 PM  

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