Sunday, August 19, 2007

DLSE and their dishonesty is compared to LAPD and their Rampart (click this link to view comment)

"Corrales is going to be waved in a judge's face every time these guys are dumb enough to go into a court room. It is sort of like the "Ramparts" debacle for the Los Angeles Police Department. When a Los Angeles Police Officer testifies under oath in a court room that he once worked in the Ramparts [sic] Division his testimony becomes instantly worthless. Corrales has made our management's testimony worthless. The world now knows they are dishonest."
Corrales was not decided by some janitor; it was decided by the California Supreme Court.
What can be done to a taxpayer-paid division that intentionally violates the US Constitution?
What can be done to a taxpayer-paid division that intentionally spend millions of dollars on some worthless piece-of-crap computer software that holds no one accountable?
What can be done to a taxpayer-paid division that intentionally screws the California worker?
Apparantly, Bradshaw's doing nothing to those that exposed the DLSE to such incompetence, inefficiency, and waste. Holding dipshit "I'm konfoosed about meal & rest peeriud" conferences only reinforces that the fact that no action is being taken, and any action that will be taken will lack conviction & strength, just bullshit serve-the-master politics as usual in the DLSE.

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When Angela Bradstreet became California's Labor Commissioner, I can only imagine that she had no clue what a dysfunctional organization she was heading up. How happy she must have been. Then she found out that her lieutenants, the ones she inherited from Jones, who inherited them from Dell, who inherited them from Lujon, who inherited them from Millan, etc. etc. would immediately dropped (Corrales) in her lap. Did she know that these same Lieutenants who had been Donna Dell's Lieutenants were responsible for talking Donna Dell into issuing a binding precedent decision (Hartwig) which was deemed invalid by the Corrales Court? She must have read the Corrales decision by now and knows that the commissioner's defense for holding hearing s and issuing decisions in an untimely manner was not enough staff. If she is smart she will come up with a plan that will have one of two ingredients in it. More staff or less work is the only two things that are going to fix this problem. Pete Wilson's dictum of "more with less" has worn itself very thin and it never really worked; it only put out fires. If she is smart she will figure a way to clean house and if she has any real tenacity she will dump CMS. Good luck Angela, you are going to need it.

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