Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can you imagine what DLSE would do to me if I stole a $500 printer that the taxpayers paid for? But the CMS culprits remain at-large

The DLSE would terminate me for stealing, and rightly so. Stealing, the last time I checked, is bad. The assholes involved with this multi-million dollar, taxpayer paid computer software abortion called CMS remain at-large...probably got some promotions out of it; that's how fcuked up this division is.
I tried reaching out to newly-installed puppet/Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet. You know what she did? She sent DLSE Deputy Chief/Blog Defendant Lupe Almaraz to tell me to not contact her and to go thru the chain of command. She took a big ol' dump on that olive branch.
CMS is a money pit that the taxpayers keeping funding. Lose a little now, or a lot more later. Well, we're at the "lot more later" stage, because the assholes in power continue to fcuk the taxpayers. Stop fcuking the taxpayers; they deserve a rest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of the culprits in the CMS fiasco is found at the DIR IT Department, Jim Culbeaux and Leslie Clement. They are still working and they are not at-large or embarrassed to show up at work. No Accountability!

8/14/2007 7:15 PM  

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