Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And yet another Santa Ana Hearing Officer problem; oh yeah, the DLSE shut off blogger's email system - Dept. of Industrial Retaliation strikes again!

An anonymous source tells me that Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush stopped midway through a hearing on August 14th because the Plaintiff could not understand the translator; the language was Spanish. The Defendant's attorney, who also spoke Spanish, commented on how professional the translator was, wanted to hire the translator for future projects, and offered his business card to the translator.
Also, Santa Ana's Wage Claim supervisor tried talking to another Santa Ana Hearing Officer in hopes of un-pissing off the translators that refuse to work for her. It was no good, she came up with some lame-ass blah blah blah to Don, and he told her to apologize directly to the translators she offended. She wouldn't; so now Don, the owner of the translator business, is no longer sending any translators to Hearing Officer Maria Valdez.
In other Santa Ana news, the DLSE locked out its internal email system to the blogger since August 3rd, so now the blogger can neither send nor receive DLSE email. The DLSE Deputy Chief has ignored the blogger's request for assistance, so it looks like Lupe's (again) giving the middle finger to the blogger..."shut off his email, that will show the blogger who's the boss." Intentional or Stoopid: who really cares?

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Anonymous santa office deputies said...

The above information is correct. Hearing Officer, Vicki Tamoush and her cohart, Maria Valdez have decided to retaliate against a Translation Firm that provides Spanish speaking translators. This is due to the fact that Vicki got busted as well as her translator friend (Mindy) for delaying Spanish speaking claims up to six months in order for Mindy (school teacher)to have a month's full time job as translator for Spring and Summer breaks. Think about it, $45/hr. every day for a month. That's alot of money Vicky and her friend Mindy lost due to the bust. Now the Moose and the Mouse are trying to destroy Mindy's only competition. Jorge, wake up and smell the roses. How are these two hearing officers going to hold Spanish speaking hearings if they are blackballed by the Translation Firm?

8/16/2007 9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For email out of the office, you can use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or live...
hope your internal email problem gets worked out!

1/27/2008 8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2/01/2008 7:40 AM  

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