Friday, December 23, 2005

Jose Millan: now exiting, stage left

From the Governator's website [go to press room/press releases/appointments 12/22/05]:
"Jose Millan, 50, of Placerville, has been appointed vice chancellor for California Community Colleges. He has served as the deputy secretary for enforcement with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency since 2004. Previously, Millan was the equal employment opportunity program manager for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and assistant director for human resources at Cabrillo College. This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $108,864. Millan is a Republican."
If anyone can imagine, Vicky Bradshaw & her crew didn't rush to their keyboards to bang out this press release. In fact, Vicky's last blanket email to her minions was to brag about Bobby Jones' new appointment. How come she didn't add another paragraph to explain Jose's quiet departure from her circle? Why is she so quiet on this topic? If she's wondering how her entire agency found out, it's because good news travels fast.
It seems that history has a way of repeating itself. The last time he stepped in it, he was banished to some 1st-line supervisor post in Fresno! This time, he's been sent to Junior College. Maybe he can institute a new ethics program while he's there. Maybe he'll last longer than the year-plus that he was with Vicky. What will happen to his TIPP task force that's been re-heated into the EEEC task force? Who will protect EEEC manager David Dorame, now that Jose is gone? Will Vicky come up with another task force? What will be its name? What's she going to do, and who's she going to appoint for her next hurrah? Will her next decision/appointment also be plagued with litigation?


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