Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Keeping Score: DLSE Women (-3), DLSE Men (+1)

Well, well, well. It seems that the previous rumor about Bobby Jones proved correct, as Vicky Bradshaw jammed the Department once again by naming Robert Jones as the Acting Labor Commissioner. Score one for the guys; where else can this happen in today's society but DLSE! As for the women, they have not fared so well. DLSE lawyers Anne S. and Anne H. were advised to move aside and step down (to possibly make room for Bobby's new crew?), and we all know what happened to Donna Dell. I guess someone could make a persuasive gender argument, but then again, this is Labor Standards. I would certainly want someone to make the case if DLSE installed another man as Chief Counsel after having cast down their three women. While mum's the word on Anthony Mischel, no one would be really surprised if Vicky or one of her puppets maintained their regime by naming him as Chief Counsel.


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