Monday, December 05, 2005

Musical chairs with DLSE Asst. Chief, Chief Counsel positions!

Anonymous sources tell me that Jose Millan, Bob Jones, and other DLSE wizards were in Los Angeles to interview for the Assistant Chief Counsel position. Word on the street also has Anthony (Tony) Mischel being groomed for the Chief Counsel position, with Friday being Donna Dell's last day and Bob Jones possibly being moved into the position of Labor Commissioner. I also heard that Bob Jones and Tony Mischel are double-teaming a DLSE employee regarding their lame investigation including trumped up & unsubstantiated allegations. Don't worry, ML: it's nothing but a witch-hunt and novice intimidation tactics. Why is it that Tony Mischel and Bob Jones are taking such a high-priority interest with a typical, DLSE slipshod-operated investigation? What those two collectively know about interviewing & interrogation can fit on the head of a pin. Those two are lawyers, not investigators. Then again, there are some investigators that think that they're lawyers, so go figure.
The DLSE's Chief Counsel/Assistant Chief Counsel SNAFU (Situation Normal, All F**ked Up) began with Anne Hipshman indirectly being ordered to step down, as the DLSE wanted to move the Asst. Chief Counsel position to Southern California (Anne Hipshman worked in Nor Cal). LWDA-DIR cronies (Vicky Bradshaw, John Rea, and Jose Millan) wanted to move (at the time) newly-acquired Bob Jones into the Chief Counsel position. This meant that Anne Stevason (previous Chief Counsel in So Cal) had to vacate her position, which she gladly did (why would she want her fingerprints on this train wreck?).
Presently, Tony Mischel works in Los Angeles and Bobby Jones works in San Francisco (HQ) if these rumors are true then why would those wizards revert the Chief Counsel & Asst. Chief Counsel positions back to their previous locations? Because the wizards wanted to get rid of Anne Stevason and Anne Hipshman, install their own puppets, and have their fiefdom exactly the way they want it. You see, this is the joke of Civil Service. Top management acts like this is their own corporation, moving state personnel as they like with no accountability to anyone. Jose Millan's taxpayer-paid propaganda videos were recently ruled illegal, and do you think anything is going to happen to him? The $21,000 donation to Arnold that coincidentally knee-jerked Jose Millan's pay-to-play policy change in the meal/rest periods resulted in what? That's right, nothing. Jose still gets to play his little reindeer games.
If I was Anne Hipshman, I would cut paper as soon as those wizards formally announced that Tony Mischel is the new Chief Counsel in LA and that Blah Blah is the new Asst. Chief Counsel in SF. If the wizards retreated the counsel positions back to the old regions, then why didn't they re-install the previous posts to the people that held those positions? Why aren't they going to reinstate Anne Hipshman to her previous position? Understandably, Anne Stevason doesn't want it.


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