Sunday, December 11, 2005

12/05 newsletter from California Assemblyman Paul Koretz, CHAIR-Labor and Employment Committee

After the recall election, the Governator hires Vicky Bradshaw, a former department store employee & republican contributor, to head the Labor Workforce Development Agency. What does Vicky do? She revives the careerist corpse of Jose Millan, whose last position at DLSE was at a demoted supervisor outpost in he's back as her Number Two, the Deputy Secretary. Talk about re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! What does he do? He graciously bends over for the Restaurant lobby, authorizes illegal & taxpayer paid infomercials, and tries to drive one of the few hard working labor lawyers (Miles Locker) out of state service. Of course, he doesn't actually do his own dirty work; he has Bob Jones and Tony Mischel for that. To make a long story short, his Labor Commissioner Donna Dell is now gone, his meal/rest period policies are a joke, and his own minions can't enforce current laws on the books (ask about the car wash licensing & regulations!). Every sweep of Millan's, courtesy of his TIPP task force re-painted as EEEC (headed by close friend David Dorame) is a narcissistic press release. If the DLSE ever had an award for, "Most Likely to Embarrass our Division but still connected to Vicky Bradshaw," then Jose Millan could win it for 2005!
Even when former Labor Commissioner Art Lujan (and DLSE Regional Manager Susan Nakagama confidant) was busy racking up the sun & the moon on his taxpayer-paid expense reports, the bosses above him did nothing, and in fact were quite hostile at those who dared to mention such questionable DLSE practices. Even after the horse had left the barn, the pretards at DLSE kept Lujan on full payroll until Davis' recall.
If you click the title above, you can read Assemblyman Koretz's current newsletter that discusses how bankrupt the DLSE's operational efficiency really is. His newsletter also mentions how sweatshops operate with virtual impunity and how the state's labor agency, the DLSE, is conducting its own witch-hunt against one of their employees, Miles Locker. The DLSE refuses to communicate anything to the state's CHAIR on the Labor & Employment Committee! Is it any surprise that the DLSE is allowed to behave in this way; moreover, the only way to truly disinfect this agency is if someone actually reaches out to grab Susan Kennedy (the Governator's new Chief of Staff) and gives her the real story on the DLSE. From what I hear, she didn't like any agency that embarrassed Davis when he was governor, and I'm assuming that she'll still take a equally dim view on any agency that embarrasses the current Governator. Unfortunately, DLSE executives aren't smart enough to clean up their own mess, so it appears that someone higher up must break out the baby wipes.


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