Friday, December 02, 2005

Taxpayer-paid, state fake news videos ruled illegal (what a surprise)

No less than four news agencies covered LWDA's travesty. The LA Times, the Sacramento Bee, the SF Chronicle, and the Associated Press all hit the ink with the judges rulling. What's so funny is Jehan Flagg, mouthpiece for the LWDA, said they might consider an appeal. What a joke. Why would they want to receive another courtroom beat-down? Unfortunately, she cannot speak of the true context of LWDA's situation, which is they got caught doing something bad, and they have no remorse stemming from their actions because they don't think they did anything wrong (since they're considering an appeal). What sucks is that the same people who thought the fake videos were a bright idea are the same geniuses still controlling the LWDA, the DIR, and the DLSE.


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