Friday, December 09, 2005

Labor Commissioner gone: 3rd-string quarterback needed

Donna Dell's whining about her frustration and hinting about being made a victim is quite ironic. In the sub-text, you can clearly read the ineffective excuse-making of a Labor Commissioner who's leaving the department worse than how she received it. I wonder if that will go on her resume? As long as John Rea, Vicky Bradshaw, and Jose Millan collect their state paychecks, the DLSE will continue to operate at a very high level of dysfunctionalism. This only translates to equal or worse service to the public. Can you see our future now?

Pencil-pushing desk jockeys know only one thing: their voracious appetite for clawing their way up the career ladder while simultaneously refusing to accomplish the job for which they are paid to do. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are somewhat limited because state civil service exams cannot exatly measure how much sucking up an applicant has done with their bosses. Things like current education, recent training, and specialized experience have no place here, as any one of their resumes will read like a bureaucratic train wreck. Initiatives taken, policies codified, procedures enacted, and quantifyable service levels to the public will not be discussed at our promotion boards.


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