Friday, November 04, 2005

Was it Assistant Chief Nance Steffen that approved that new addendum form that must be used in conjunction with the DLSE claim form? It's 3 pages long! The initial claim form is only 1 page! This is exactly the level of competence that comes from top management. Never mind the fact that there was no training in using the form, never mind the fact that it was just dumped in our laps with no explanation, never mind the fact that there was no input received from those that will use the form, and never mind the fact that career bureaucrats like Nance Steffen will NEVER actually complete the form, but it's perfectly okay for her to authorize such mind-numbing directives.

Receiving and completing complaints from the public is for the 'little' people, and 'big' people like Nance Steffen do not work with the public at the counter. Assistant Chiefs are too important and busy trying to drum people out of the Division, covering their own posteriors, and attending useless meetings that accomplish nothing. From my own ears, I have heard every employee using this new addendum complaining about it. This addendum is so far off the grid (unauthorized) that there is no formal DLSE form number attached to it. For example, the Initial Claim is DLSE Form 1.
Deputy Chief Guadalupe Almaraz is her supervisor, but I don't think he's ready to invoke the process of documentation and progressive discipline. Besides, it's not like making bad decisions can be equated to inefficient and poor public service. With this new addendum, it will take much more time to assist each person coming to file a complaint. You know what that translates into? Longer waiting in line, people bitching, people getting pissed off (both DLSE employees and the public), and decreased service to the public. Somehow, someone approved and implemented this extra dysfunctional system, but there will be no accountability.


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