Monday, December 19, 2005

Dept. of Industrial Retaliation strikes again!

From what I gather, the flunkies in Vicky Bradshaw's fiefdom issued a "NO SPEAK" rule to division attorneys. This, in addition to violating the 1st Ammendment, also violates the Dills Act. The flunkies enacted this mandate without setting up a meet & confer with the attorneys' union, as this mandate changes workplace conditions. Because this mandate changed the workplace, Vicky's flunkies should have had a meet & confer with the union before carving it into stone. Better yet, they should have made nice-nice and removed it altogether once the union sent their letter of intent. Instead, Vicky's flunkies plow forward, thinking they can do-no-wrong.
PERB brings together the representatives of the flunkies and the attorney's union on January 31st in Oakland, CA. This is a mandatory settlement conference. If they cannot settle, then it goes to hearing. I don't see how it's in the union's interest not to push this all the way to a formal hearing & written decision. Now, I'll explain why some of Vicky's people are labeled "flunkies," and why some of those flunkies are also "idiots." Flunkies are those that are doomed to repeat the past because they can't learn from it. Her staff is besieged by lawsuits, grievances, unfair labor practices, and other miscellaneous complaints. Those that prepare Vicky's administration for impending, losing litigation are never disciplined; my guess is that they need them to prepare for the next losing battle. It's not slanderous/libelous to call someone out as an idiot when they're an idiot; besides, I never really mentioned any idiot by name. But if I did, I would love the opportunity to critically examine each idiot's contribution to state service during the time they collected a state paycheck.
For example, I would love to ask Jose Millan a whole buncha questions about past instances of supervisors getting busted for drunk driving, managers approving the peace officer application/backgound checks of those convicted of drunk driving, & whether or not it was in a state vehicle. Then I'd probably move to Howard Hernandez, and ask which managers were sleeping on the job during the time that he was shaking down the public, and what checks & balances have been made a part of DLSE's daily operations since then. Geez, I haven't even gotten to the current topic of pay-to-play rest/meal periods!


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