Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A smarter public servant = better service to the public (taxpayer). Try to believe this one...

So this Deputy Labor Commissioner (DLC) in Wage Claims figures out that another DLC is cherry-picking cases, meaning that this DLC is intentionally going through unassigned wage claims and picking only those that they want to have. So the supervisor is told of this, and then the supervisor asks the DLC if this is true. The DLC says that it's true, and that she was picking out the harder & more difficult wage claims...and this jackass, idiot supervisor believed it!
Now, here's a DLC who was running her game, got caught in the process, and had a cover story to get out of it. Instead of sitting her down and telling her to play nice with other co-workers, this monkey-manager said, "OK," and left it at that: never mind that the manager is too dumb to figure out that he got played by an underling, but then this moron continued to let her get away with it. Being a piss poor manager and a moron doesn't translate well for proper & efficient service to the public, and it really doesn't translate well for proper office leadership.
Labor Standards has no labor standards.


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