Friday, August 03, 2007

Re-cap of current DLSE failures and management's impotence inability to overcome such failures

1. Taxpayer-paid, multi-million dollar CMS software implentation
2. DLC III exam results: fraud, cronyism, or both?

3. DLC IV exam results: fraud, cronyism, or both?

4. Regional Manager Abigael Calva's taxpayer-paid state vehicle, state gas, state parking, and paid commute from Pasadena to Los Angeles

5. DLSE's lack of Performance Standards for all of its employees

6. DLSE peace officer designation despite drunk driving & wrecked state vehicle(s)

7. DLSE peace officer taxpayer-paid benefits yet no (or very very little) criminal prosecutions/filings

8. DLSE retaliation against those who have filed workers compensation insurance claims (Rowene Diaz, Susanna Lopez, Armida Corral)

9. DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp's discourteous treatment, incompetence, and inefficient state service to all of those claimants victimized by Rupp's Meal & Rest period constitutional violations

10. Former "Acting" labor Commissioner Robert Jones' lack of fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayer in his vindictictive quest to terminate a respectable DLSE attorney and a Deputy Labor Commissioner through the office of OD Legal

11. Cuadra v. Millan

12. Livadas v. Bradshaw

14. The Corrales Decision

15. No policies & procedures manual for Settlement Conference Officers

16. No Commission, Overtime, Vacation attachments on DLSE website to augment wage claims filed by the public

17. No safety barrier for the busiest DLSE wage claim office in the state

18. No policies & procedures for complaints filed by members of the public against those serving in DLSE

19. DLSE's taxpayer-paid waste of money into their retaliatory molehunt into the blogger's sources, courtesy of Greg Rupp, Lupe Almaraz, and Robert Jones

20. Improper & discriminatory handling of complaints (involving Spanish translators and discourteous treatment during 98a hearings) made against DLSE Hearing Officers who have provided a disservice to those they serve

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teh failure of the multi-million dollar CMS software implentation goes to both DLSE management and the DIR IT management. The IT stars responsible form this fiasco also got promotions, Leslie Clemant, Jim Culbeaux! WHAT A INSULTING JOKE TO THE CALIFORNIA TAXPAYERS!

8/03/2007 6:32 PM  
Anonymous viva la raza said...

You fogot the failure of headquarters to investigate Vicki Tamoush, Santa Ana hearing officer for discriminating against hispanics and getting kickbacks from her favorite interpreter.

8/04/2007 12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear a lot about this JIM CULBEAU here, who is this PIMP?

Is he responsible for CMS?

8/05/2007 2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Guy, Culbeaux is responsible for most of the failures in the DIR computer projects, and the millions of dollars in contracts awarded to the private counsultants including the CMS. He is the DIR Chief Information Officer!

8/06/2007 6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An DIR internal truce to do a multi-agency sweep of Wal-Mart at 732 Center Drive, San Marcos, CA (San Diego County)? See other blog comments about this sweat shop. Suggest shutter and take appropriate civil/criminal action aginst individuals.

3/20/2010 12:46 AM  

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