Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The replacement for DLSE Los Angeles AB633 DLC II Hearing Officer Mike Medrano is rumored to be rigged!

People are already hearing the rumors that the selection has been made, despite state civil service exam process mandates. Who's the responsible person in charge of that area? DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva! The person has already been selected for promotion, which means that the interviewing is just for show! Labor Standards Has No Labor Standards! I can already tell, newly-installed Labor Comissioner Angela Bradstreet has no handle on DLSE's malfeasance; it's just business as usual at the Los Angeles DLSE Wage Claims office! A special thanks to Abigael Calva, who keeps doing it her way!

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Anonymous V - (Vendetta) said...

It is the same old BS at the Labor Board. It's has never been what you know but who you know. Everyone was hoping the new Labor Commissioner would clean up the "good old boy network" but it appears that once again, the new Labor Commissioner is being set up for failure. Where is Batman and Robin, Superman, Wonder Girl and of course Spiderman when you need them. We must clean up Gotham City or should I say Sacramento City. As V once said "Strength through Unity, Unity through Strenght". The unionize personnel must come together and use some sort of job action to bring this corruption to an end. How about a slow down of case work, how about the blue flu. We must finally unite and demand equity for everyone. Everyone knows the oral exams are fixed. As I reported before, I knew all (8) questions to the Deputy IV exam prior to my interview. I aced it with flying colors. Guess what, my name did even appear on the list. Second of all, I reported on the Senior meeting with the new Labor Commissioner without their knowledge. A hand held recorder does wonders nowadays. No one ever said management was smart, just corrupt and sneaky. And for the latest news, I have it from good sources that the new AB633 Hearing Officer in LA has already been chosen. I feel sorry for those candidates such as Bruce Broadwater who is already on Rupp's and Abby's s__t list who believes that he might have a chance of finally being promoted after all his dedicated years of services. How can a big city mayor and councilman such as Bruce Broadwater be turned down for these over simplified civil service jobs when he is already a major manager of a big city. I can tell you why, jealous and envy coming the sorts of Greg Rupp and Abigail Calva. Anyway, I hate to break your bubble Bruce, but they have already chosen a new hearing officer, the name being Rosa Mueillo, DLC I, Los Angeles. All they have to do now is go through the civil service procedures and waste your time and money as well as all the other candidates that actually believe they are going to be promoted for doing a good job. Good Luck to you, you're definitely going to need it. By the way, after you get the results of the exam, I know a good discrimination attorney, Mark Rosen.

8/01/2007 6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear commentor No.1, you have put your reputation on the line. If you actually know who is going to be picked as the next hearing officer, you will be a hero. But if in fact they pick someone else, then you will be labeled a fraud. Good Luck!!!

8/02/2007 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a beneficiary as well as the sucker on the outside. It's usually a career servant interview sup. looking for a blockbuster deal in return. Same throughout state gov. When are there going to be criminal prosecutions for corruption?

7/24/2010 2:22 AM  

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