Sunday, August 26, 2007

CMS deception in DIR ( is like saying there's heat in the sun

Wanna know why DIR isn't saying sh*t about the true taxpayer cost in trying to bring CMS to life? Because why would the DIR knowingly punch themselves in the face and cause a black eye? They wouldn't; their history has been to cover sh*t up and sweep it under the rug.
Who knows if CMS costs $6 million dollars or $60 million. Who knows who got rich from CMS, and who knows how bad the taxpayer got screwed on CMS.
The California Taxpayer's Assn. might need to know about this multi-million dollar, taxpayer-paid abortion. CMS is a waste and the taxpayers shouldn't be paying this bill. Let people know: print a couple pages of this blog or send them an email.

Mail CMS info to:
California Taxpayer's Association,
Attn: Karl Hirai
1215 K Street, Suite 1250
Sacramento, CA95814

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need bring attention to this on National and on International level because the DLSE supposed to protect worker. Do not use the CMS because management rob taxpayers.

7/04/2007 12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the commentator above, by Golly, you are correct. We should bring attention to this and the abuse of workers at DLSE on a Natl and Intl level. For a start lets all stop using this CMS garbage completely. Lets us not screw the taxpayer even more. Here is how we can help. Stop using CMS and pouring more money down the tubes.

7/04/2007 8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No sign yet of the security counter promised. Yet we continue to pour millions into this CMS Program. Hello!!! Is anybody going to do anything about this? And the cost involved in the blogger court case are we going to recover this money by not paying Jones, Rea and Holton?

7/05/2007 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Pinochio said...

I suggest bombarding the new labor commissioner with E-mails concerning the lack of security in the Santa Ana Office. The late labor commissioner Jones promised via E-mail that the implementation of a Security counter in the Santa Ana Office was a priority. As usual he lied and denied until he left office. What the F__k is happening in headquarters? Isn't there at least one individual in management that does not lie? This reminds me of the Bush administration!!!

7/06/2007 9:14 AM  
Anonymous mucho huevos said...

Why doesn't the Senior Deputy of the Santa Ana Office get off his ass and protect his employees. He could become a hero by stating to headquarters that there will no further public assistance until a security counter is provided as promised. Every DLSE office in the state has a security counter except for Santa Ana. If the Senior Deputy has no huevos then the staff should take a stand together and refuse to do counter duty until the counter is installed. Lets see those idiots fire (15) employees for wanting the simplest of security measures.

7/07/2007 4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Senior Deputy in Santa Ana is too busy sticking out his rear end to save CMS, no time for that security counter.

7/07/2007 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the following will use CMS:

C - Cowards
M - Morons
S - Suckers

----- X ---- X ----- X ------

7/07/2007 11:11 PM  
Anonymous Sh_t or get off the pot said...

The Senior Deputy in the Santa Ana Office has no idea what CMS entails. He cannot even help his own employees with the issuance of CMS work permits since he has no idea how to issue them himself. Furthermore, he has been telling his own staff that the security counter is on the way for the past 10 years. As Alfred E. Newman of mad magazine would say "what me worry"!

7/07/2007 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7/08/2007 6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are still waiting to see if Angela Bradstreet will save the California Taxpayers from CMS. She was elected by Schwarzenegger for her public outburst at not wanting to pay more taxes.

7/08/2007 8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheater of the year awards go to Vicki Tamoush and her freind Mindy.

Motherf__ker awards go to McGinty and Munoz.

Scum awards goes to Rea, Holton and Jones.

7/08/2007 10:45 AM  
Anonymous vote for Pedro said...

Employees of Santa Ana,Unite!!! It's about that time you give your Senior Deputy an ultimatum. Either you get a security counter by a certain date or there will no further public service by the deputies at the front counter. Your safety is more important then providing public information at an unsecured work site. Your Senior should have your safety as his first priority not providing public information. This is a bunch of bullshit!!!

7/09/2007 12:24 AM  
Anonymous San Diego staff said...

Santa Ana Staff, try contacting the new Labor Commissioner. Maybe she will be sympathetic to your cause. I'm sure her ass is protected by security locks, walls, buzzers, key cards etc etc.

7/09/2007 10:56 AM  
Anonymous The Rebel said...

Jorge Gomez, Senior Santa Ana Office, is off the Rupp Shit List. Please do not provide service to the public until the counter is up.

7/09/2007 10:26 PM  
Anonymous whatcha talkin about willis said...

We did not get a security counter in L.A. until one of the public psychos jumped over the counter and beat the hell out of one of the clerks. It's just a matter of time that one of the Santa Ana employees will get the shit kicked out of them or shot and then they will get their security counter. It's not a matter of "if it will happen" but "when will it happen". Have you guys thought of putting up a Lego counter and squirt guns?

7/09/2007 11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The security barrier was requested by Jones months ago. For all of you with extra time on your hands, instead of sitting around complaining, why not ask the state where the request is in their system? Since you all know so much about getting things done, maybe after you get the current status of the project, you can get it completed and be the saviour of the Santa Ana office and one of their many woes.

8/07/2007 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The status of CMS is millions of taxpayers money wasted. Some incompetent IT managers at SIR approved this failed project. Where is the accountability for this failure ?

8/07/2007 6:19 PM  
Anonymous Sal said...

There is no way on this planet that CMS would cost 3 or 6 million dollars. I am sure if one counts all the travel time, overtime, material used on this project it will be well over 60 million dollars. And, we still do not have a system that works.

8/08/2007 6:54 AM  

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