Monday, August 27, 2007

DLSE loses fight against the blogger (third judge to say so), pages are below to click, print and/or download

The DLSE's mission is not to dismantle the First Amendment.
In a case that will eventually cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, these public servants (Victoria Bradshaw, Vanessa Holtom, John Rea, Robert Jones, Steve McGinty, Richard Munoz, Anthony Mischel, Greg Rupp, and Lupe Almaraz) have failed their obligatory duty.
The DLSE's GAS republican agenda current mission seems to politicize wages and devise ways for employers to circumvent those nasty little things called labor laws. Lawful employers have no problem with the laws on the books; only the law breakers are pissed off about meal and rest periods, overtime, minimum wage, and mandatory workers compensation insurance.
Here we have a division that fought a free speech case and lost, but they didn't lose their money. They lost the public's money: ergo, they lost your money. They don't care about losing your money because it's not their money. These public officers are incompetent, inefficient, and deserve to have their jobs taken away from them. They do not deserve to serve the public anymore, as they have demonstrated that they have zero fiduciary duty to the taxpayer. Let me repeat their names for the purpose of a Google search:Victoria Bradshaw, Vanessa Holtom, John Rea, Robert Jones, Steve McGinty, Richard Munoz, Anthony Mischel, Greg Rupp, and Lupe Almaraz.
These people are probably arrogant enough to keep fighting; I welcome the opportunity to beat them again and again. Let them appeal, spend more of the public's money and lose. I welcome the chance to show these documents at Angela Bradstreet's and Robert Jones' senate confirmation hearings. Who's the new DIR Director-Duncan, is it? He can join this party, too.
By the way, Steve McGinty and Richard Munoz are some of the best tools OD-Legal attorneys in state service. They rank (right up there with) OD-Legal attorneys Anthony Mischel and Vanessa Holton. I think all four of them are a total joke, and their legal failures prove it. They'll keep losing and I'll keep broadcasting...they ought to stop using the public's money in pursuing a non-mission DLSE legal battle. Save the money for CMS lawsuits. What really burns my ass is the Governator, he actually has the stones to post on his website that he's "The People's Governor." He should have titled it "The Special Interest's Governor," or "The Guy Who Appoints Morons & Invites Lawsuits' Governor"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congratulations to you Blogman you deserve some glory for this feat. It is hard to believe that that our management actually believed that they could challenge the first amendment to the Constitution of the United State of America and prevail. I know it is a great day for you but it is a sad day for this division. One wonders just how inept can our management really be. It will be interesting to see if they are arrogant enough to challenge this decision in the Orange County's Court of Appeals. I can't even believe that the Appeals Court would even accept the case. Maybe the Court will want to make a precedent case out of it. This division loves precedent cases. Just ask Donna Dell. If you are right about how much this case will cost you realize that will come right out of the division's budget. We will have to do "more with less" a whole lot less. One of the real good things to come out of this is that now you actually have proof to take to the Assembly and State Senate and show them just how inept our esteemed leaders really our. Ill bet Almaraz and his cronies regret the day that they decided to take you on. Thank you very much.

8/27/2007 9:14 PM  
Anonymous vendetta said...

Rupp is probably blinking and crying so much, he could be classified as a Category two hurricane. No sleep for the Rupster! First Rowene beat the hell out of them in court over a worker's comp. claim and now you won a restraining order against their asses for trying to take your first amendment rights away. All we're missing is the Miles decision. I hope these malicious court actions on the part of management costs them big bucks. How much back pay is Miles going to receive? How much are your attorney fees? How much did Rowene receive? We all owe you a big thanks for standing up to these management bullies. By the way where the hell is Angela Bradstreet?

8/27/2007 10:32 PM  
Anonymous tired of this shit said...

I hope the new budget signed by Arnold includes extraordinary legal expenses and CMS overruns. If not, we might run out of money before January 1, 2008. I can't believe Angela, a well known attorney in the Bay area is going to put up with this shit from our management. Our legal department is out of control. They just can't seem to win in court anymore. Maybe if they fought for the rights of the everyday working person instead of trying to screw them on meal breaks we could see a turn around. Then the audacity of managment to try to quiet one of their own employees for pointing out the corruption within the system is unbelievable. As the saying goes, "what goes around comes around". Wake up Angela or go back to your high price law firm, we don't really need another do nothing for four more years.

8/27/2007 10:51 PM  
Anonymous I CAN'T BREATH ANYMORE said...


8/27/2007 10:56 PM  

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