Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DLSE cannot stop wasting taxpayer dollars, and then have the gall to wonder why they are called retarded wasteful...idiots

At the Los Angeles DLSE Bureau of Field Enforcement office, Frank Capetillo works under Asst. Chief Greg Rupp. Someone ordered Frank to drive down to Santa Ana to deliver a document to an employee that works for DLSE Wage Claim supervisor Jorge Gomez. The DLSE wasted Frank's time, they wasted resources (Frank could have been doing real DLSE work), and the DLSE wasted taxpayer money (gas, maintenance on state car, Frank's paycheck, etc.).
Why couldn't the DLSE retards-in-charge just fax/email the document to Jorge Gomez, so Mr. Gomez could deliver the document to his employee? While DLSE continues to demonstrate that they routinely violate an employee's privacy, they should (at least) try to keep costs down. Try to keep the appearance of not being entirely wasteful.
New puppet Labor Commish Angela Bradstreet will never get a handle on this division because she only listens to the entrenched bureaucrats that pursue only their self-serving agenda.

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