Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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I don't know if DLSE Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones, Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz, or Assistant Chief Greg Rupp swore an oath to anything, except maybe to themselves. I would assume that during the course of their respective careers, that they've made compromises-as most of us have. The problem with them though, is that the compromises they've made are on the other side of good, respectability, and integrity. Hell's bells, at least when I go down, I know that I will have gone down on the right side, and I didn't drop to my knees to get there.
Cowardice appears in many flavors, and some go to great lengths to mask their cowardice. It's easier for him to cower in front of his bosses ('just support their positions & you'll get promoted') and then to act like a bully to those beneath his pay grade ('do it or else'). A person of true character behaves the same, both in front of bosses and subordinates. This guy doesn't ruffle any feathers above him yet kicks up a lot of dust beneath him...why do you think that is?
Some people whore themselves for 20+ years just to think that they've made it to the top of their itty, bitty kingdom. At the end of the day, what has Greg Rupp really become? Is he funny? Does he have interesting stories to tell? Is he an intelligent boss? Would you want him in your circle of acquaintances? And to hit this point home, does anyone go to this guy for help unless it's absolutely necessary? This guy is an Assistant Chief and no one wants to deal with him. How sad & pathetic that his career has formed into an island of isolation...you'd think someone would acquire more supporters as they walk thru life...this guy went the opposite direction and alienated almost everyone except Abby, Anne, and those licking his boots.
I heard that Greg Rupp was once a liked by his peers (when he was a DLC I). After he got promoted, he became distrusting, moody, and angry. Anyone can bark out orders, and that's how Greg manages: do it or else. It's not that Greg doesn't know how to stand up for what he believes in: he can't, because he doesn't have the backbone for it. His path is like the lower socioeconomic, trailer park version of Citizen Kane; instead of Greg Rupp whispering "Rosebud," he's whispering "double-double with cheese."


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