Thursday, May 17, 2007

What still sux about DLSE mis-management that hinders our ability to assist the public

Good management is supposed to make the lives of the rank & file easier so that the rank & file can better do their jobs, which is to assist the public. Instead, DLSE management just makes things worse.
A frustrated gentleman came into the Santa Ana office to file a wage claim. He lives in the Long Beach area, yet worked in the San Bernadino area. The employer was also in the San Bernadino area. What DLSE has failed to do is to post on their website the set of rules that the DLSE uses to direct which office will exercises jurisdiction and receive (& respond to) the wage claim. They post the DLSE offices on the website, but they don't explain our own set of rules in determining jurisdiction. Lupe Almaraz takes time out of his day to draft some never-used medical records policy, and we still can't get the real things we need from management to make the public's lives easier. To make a long story short, the guy left the Santa Ana office with his wage claim that will eventually be processed in San Bernadino.
Oh yeah, by the way, you can upload the vacation, overtime, and commission wage claim attachments to the website whever you're done doing nothing.
Part of the reason why DLSE management is so interested in this blog is because they are so friggin' clueless as to what's going on in their own office. Now, if they could only get off their lazy asses and start making things better so that the public is more efficiently served.


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