Monday, May 21, 2007

lawyer Richard Munoz interviewing Los Angeles staff for upcoming blog lawsuit

If Richard Munoz thought that he was only going to allow his witnesses into court, then he was wrong. Mr. Munoz is making life miserable for those working at the Los Angeles DLSE office, and it's not because of the blog. It's because he's bothering those who do not want to be bothered. When Richard Munoz asks them is they feel like they are going to be retaliated against for testifying, it's because they are afraid of the DLSE retaliating against them. The blogger, by definition, has no power/control over DLSE staff. Historically, those in power do the retaliating, not some idiot blogger. Rupp retaliates against those beneath him, not above him.
Robert Jones and Richard Munoz don't give two sh*ts about DLSE staff; they are only interested in pursuing their vendetta against the blogger. They cannot stand on their own, so they will try and use DLSE staff as their crutches. This tactic sends a horrible message to DLSE staff; I'm already getting word that a certain employee does not want to be in the same room as Lauro Cons and Susan Nakagama on June 4th (I'll give you a hint: they tried to fail her probation). It's got nothing to do with the blog, and everything to do with being among those that tried to get rid of her.
I can only hope that the judge sees through their smoke, and understands how important it is that this blog continue continue to report on their ineffectiveness, their inefficiency, their idiocy, and their practice of fraud, waste, and abuse. Richard Munoz, Greg Rupp, and others caused the operational disruption, if at all. Maybe Robert Jones will serve Richard Munoz & Greg Rupp with adverse action if the facts of the trial so state. It's not like Jones will be fixing the multi-million dollar CMS joke anytime soon.


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