Friday, May 11, 2007

The blog lawsuit & its taxpayer costs...after all, it's not Robert Jones''s the taxpayers, so he can spend as much of it as he wants...

#1) Had the chance to settle in June, 2006. They offered the blogger a month's pay for the blogger's resignation (that was reasonable, wasn't it?).
#2) Had the chance to settle in February, 2007. Again, the DLSE offered the blogger a month's pay for the blogger's resignation.
#3) The DLSE is prepared to march themselves right off a cliff on June 4th. In order to trample upon the US Constitution, they will desparately try to show an office disruption, thereby needing a judge to decide that the First Amendment must not be invoked.
Well, it seems intentional that during the course of Lee Pearson's investigation, as initiated by boss Greg Rupp, they deliberately avoided in investigating the actual stuff that hurts the taxpayers:
like Jones sticking it to the working Californian with his meal & rest periods interpretation, until the courts told him that he was wrong,
like CMS & the millions involved with that abortion,
like no safety barrier for the employees in Santa Ana,
like Greg Rupp costing the DLSE $$$ in going after someone (Rowene) who filed a workers comp claim,
like Susan Nakagama & Lauro Cons & how they systematically tried to reject someone from probation (another person who previously filed a workers comp claim),
like Abby Calva/Victor Jurado/Anthony Mischel going after another DLSE employee who filed a workers comp claim[the one they booted-but returned after DPA reinstated her],
like Greg Rupp & his DLSE peace officers being paid a sh*tload of money in salary & benefits but they can't show sh*t for criminal filings,
like how the DLSE failed completely in their DLC III (almost everyone got the same score) and DLC IV (almost everyone failed) examinations,
like the way the DLSE handled David Dorame's rise to position of Executive Director of EEEC, despite top peace officer & Assistant Chief Greg Rupp's previous background investigation of David Dorame, and
like the metaphorical castration of the DLSE's Public Works unit, and how Assistant Chief Greg Rupp gutted it, coincidentally during the same time period of his guns & butter republican administration.
These are just some of the DLSE highlights that they've decided not to investigate. Like I've always said, these malfeasants won't initiate an investigation that will cause themselves harm, but any perceived tresspass against their posse will result in an immediate negligent investigation. If Robert Jones cannot comprehend the meal & rest period wage/penalty concept, then how can this ass-clown guy understand the off-duty, anonymous, free speech? This is the same ass-clown guy that is bypassing the whole 1-year Labor Commissioner senate-confirmation process by indefinitely collecting his "Acting" Labor Commissioner paycheck. This guy's not credible.


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