Monday, May 07, 2007

Under the command of Chief Desk Donkey Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones, the DLSE fails to prepare its personnel for promotions

I assume that part of the job of DLSE is to make sure that employement vacancies (within DLSE) are filled in a reasonable amount of time. Now from time to time, the DLSE is lucky enough to have a Denise Padres fill its ranks. But then again, for every Denise Padres there are a dozen Susan Nakagamas.
I guess that the flunkies working under Robert Jones (or at the direction of Robert Jones) learned their lesson from the DLC III exam debacle. At the DLC III exam, the DLSE passed most everyone. Now, it seems that mostly everyone failed the DLC IV exam.
Almost everyone discussing these results think it was rigged...that the DLSE knew who they wanted to promote before anyone sat down to the examination. That's a pretty pessimistic crowd, and judgun by the results of the DLC IV exam...fairly realistic. What makes this recent DLC IV exam a joke is that: 1) the exam should have idenitifed the best-qualified canididates and it didn't, 2) the DLSE's track record for bullsh*t promotions stemming from lame-ass exam questions once again keeps the incompetent power structure in place, and 3) the DLSE doesn't know sh*t about grooming any competent people for promotion, unless their prize candidate suffers from a combination of cranial-rectal inversion & gluteus-kissus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously the blogger doesn't work in the Northern part of the state. Don't even think that management in the north is any different from the South. If you knew the absurdities perpetuated by Denise and her ilk, you'd have less praise for her. The fiasco that has gone on under her reign and the other ill-equipped, poorly skilled, do-nothing managers that DLSE is famous for promoting,demonstrates the same level of incompetence as you're accustomed to. It almost seems that the nearer you get to HQ (geographically), the more brow-beaten the employees seem to be. You just don't hear about it.

5/16/2007 1:01 PM  

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