Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why can't DLSE Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones bring taxpayer-paid, several million dollar+ CMS to life?

Is it because CMS operability has nothing to do with service to the taxpayer? Is it because its function was not to service the taxpayer, but to service the bank accounts of the contracts involved? Excuse after delay after excuse after delay is the only thing that spews from the piehole of Robert Jones, the very same DLSE Acting Labor Commissioner that couldn't figure out that meal & rest periods were wages. He's so smart that he needed the California Supreme Court to tell him that meal & rest periods were not penalties. The line forms here: whores for corporate interests to the right, public servants to assist the public to the left.
What if he wasn't incompetent? After all, he is a lawyer; Vick Bradshaw put him in charge after Donna Dell. What if he was smart enough to know that meal & rest periods were really wages, but he intentionally decided to screw over the taxpayer with that worthless 'meal & rest periods are penalties' song & dance, until decided otherwise? It's almost the same thing that Vick Bradshaw did with Livadas. These political appointees bend over for special interests & f*ck up DLSE policies until the courts fix it...because people like Jones & Bradshaw don't win these things in court.
What do you think Jones' position is with meal & rest periods? Did he intentionally screw over the taxpayers, until the California Supreme Court decided otherwise? Or was he too stupid to figure it out on his own, until the California Supreme Court told him how his agency must enforce the labor laws?
Fraud, waste & abuse. The California Supreme Court has to tell this guy how to do his job, and we're supposed to "accept" this guy's excuses about that multi-million dollar CMS waste of taxpayer funds?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blames for the CMS computer system failures have to be shared by all individuals involved. The DIR IT technical manager(s) who signed off on this multi million dollars system have to be held responsible as well.

5/07/2007 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CMS was sold to the Jones by some dumb ass named Culbeux he is chief at IT. This guy is pretty well connected. His sister Baker is Chief for Comission for Healthe And Safety at the DIR she connects with people in the Labor and Management through the Commisioners appointed for the CHSWC. She is the regular ass and cash contributor to the Republican and the Democrat alike and sits on the fence when asked about the affiliation. Commission money is diverted to the key persons through projects at UC and the other groups, in return for the reports that make the DIR look good. Project money such as the CMS is also funneled to companies that are owned by some of the legislators and the Jones people. For this reason no one is questioning this CMS project and the others that DIR is spending millions.

5/09/2007 9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous who posted a message on 5/9/2007. You have no idea what you are talking about. Ms. Baker has nothing to do with CMS. You need to get your facts straight before you post such false messages.

5/10/2007 9:46 PM  

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