Sunday, May 13, 2007

Changes in the Los Angeles DLSE office

The politics seemed to heat up a while back. An employee working for Susan Nakagama and Lauro Cons (MG) was being considered to fill the AB633 vacancy working under TK. From what I've been told, Susan Nakagama wanted to know who was trying to persuade MG to leave Susan's control. In the end-Stephanie was pulled from Henry's enforcement unit and transferred to TK, thus weakening Henry's ability to do his job. Did Greg screw Henry over? It's not like Greg Rupp filled those vacancies that left Henry hanging. I bet Greg will try to put that problem onto Henry and make Henry spend all that time trying to find good candidates for the job.
They also took away Alma Venable from Henry's unit, where she was transferred to Long Beach to work under Julie Tarazon, a faithful loyalist to Susan Nakagama. Previously, it was rumored that Alma Venable and Susan Nakagama were buddy-buddy & worked together a long time ago at EDD. This is probably Greg's way to sticking it to Henry, even though Henry's enforcement stats keep Greg from looking like a jackass.
Greg Rupp seems to not give a sh*t about anything but Greg Rupp, and his actions as an ineffective Assistant Chief merely reflect what isn't there. Ask the top DLSE peace officer Greg Rupp how many criminal filings his peace officers have filed with the courts in the last 36 months? That's right. Greg's peace officer stats are a total joke because Greg's a total joke of a stink from the head.


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